Zimperium Enhances Mobile Threat Protection Suite, Adds Self-Protecting Apps

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We are excited to announce that our 3.0 Mobile Protection Suite is now available and includes a brand new product called zIAP. The solution enables self-protecting mobile applications and 3.0 also brings new capabilities to our on-device detection technology, zIPS, and underlying threat management console, zConsole.

The zIAP addition makes Zimperium the first to offer a mobile threat management platform that delivers continuous and real-time cyberthreat protection for both mobile devices and applications. But why does this matter?

Between mobile device use in the workplace being at an all-time high and the alarming number of Android and iOS vulnerabilities being discovered, enterprises are at risk. The stakes are too high for companies to keep sacrificing security in the name of business productivity.

zIPS Network MonitorWe created zIAP and enhanced our product suite with this challenge in mind, helping enterprises secure both their mobilized business processes as well as employee, partner and customer apps — all in a single platform. zIAP embeds the zIPS and its z9 protection engine into any application to determine if the device using the app has been compromised. If the device is under attack, the app is informed and actions are automatically taken to mitigate risk.

But that’s not all. Our product team has worked hard to add a ton of new features, including:

  • New Administrator Dashboard with Enterprise-wide Mobile Risk Management View: Zimperium’s 3.0 zConsole dashboard offers a refreshed interface, as well as additions to its organization-wide visibility across all zIPS-managed mobile devices.
  • zIPS Simplified Threat Guidance for Enhanced User Experience: An improved interface for the zIPS App means end-users can more easily understand how to use the technology and troubleshoot on their own, which means administrators receive less support calls.
  • Enhanced Integrations with Existing Mobility and Security Infrastructure, including:
    • Increased iOS support for both AirWatch and MobileIron for more complete mobile protection.
    • App-to-app integration with AirWatch, meaning the AirWatch app and zIPS app can communicate directly to provide immediate security right on the device.
    • Good Technology Integration, so when zIPS for Good detects a device has been compromised it can inform the Good console and suggest remediation to lock containerized apps.
    • iOS Malware Detection, Application Blacklisting and Device Risk Assessment: With enhanced iOS protection, zIPS has additional visibility into iOS app-based malware and immediately notifies the user and administrators so they can take action to address the malicious app. To help administrators manage risk and determine if an update is required, 3.0 also adds a device risk assessment capability for iOS.

Want to learn more? Click here or stop by our exhibitor booths at Mobile World Congress and RSA to see Zimperium’s 3.0 Mobile Threat Protection suite in action. Here’s where you can find us:

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