Securing Chromebooks Against Modern Threats


Chromebooks Enable Mobile Productivity

Built from the ground up with productivity and cloud-based data access in mind, Chromebooks have taken on the legacy laptops with their high functionality and versatility across industries. In 2020, Chromebooks outsold Macbooks globally due to their low costs and ability to meet and scale with the rise in distributed data access and productivity needs quickly. With many of the services and software needs offloaded to the cloud, Chromebooks provide stability, scalability, and increased security over legacy systems.

Chromebooks have become integral to educational institutions as well as enterprises around the world. But as with all connected devices, risks against data still exist.

Unsecured Devices Expand the Attack Surface

Unfortunately, for enterprises and schools relying on Chromebooks for remote working, their users still face the same privacy and security threats associated with laptops and mobile devices, but without the same, advanced security measures. From compromised or malicious extensions and applications to phishing attacks, cyber criminals are increasingly targeting Chromebooks with data theft campaigns aimed at gaining personal and private information on their target. Network attacks through compromised and rogue WiFi also remain a high risk to these devices that rely solely on internet connectivity for full functionality.

While the native framework and security of Chromebooks is capable of providing base-level protection against common threats like ransomware, risks of data threat remain high without advanced security implementations in place.

Properly configured and integrated into UEM, XDR and SIEM platforms, advanced mobile threat defense (MTD) solutions enhance existing Zero Trust controls by providing mobile device risk attestation.

As the global MTD leader, Zimperium empowers IT and security administrators to understand their mobile landscape, mitigate mobile risks and threats, and ensure the mobile devices connected to their data meet the security requirements. Specifically, Zimperium Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) – formerly known as zIPS – delivers the critical mobile device data to security teams, enabling them to provide comprehensive coverage of all connected devices.

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Zimperium Delivers Mobile Security for Chromebooks

Zimperium MTD for Chromebooks is the first and only comprehensive, on-device, machine learning-based security solution for Chromebooks. Powered by the same award-winning, real-time technology that has been detecting and preventing attacks on millions of iOS and Android endpoints for years, Zimperium MTD for Chromebooks enables IT and security teams to reduce their risk by securing their ChromeOS endpoints against advanced device, network, phishing and malicious app attacks.

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Powered by Machine Learning

On-device, machine learning-based detection protects against the mobile threats, including zero-day malware.

Critical Data, Where You Need It

The transmission system ensures stable connectivity and reliability.

Deployable Anywhere

Address local data laws and compliance needs by deploying to any cloud, on-premise, or air-gapped environments.

Zero Touch, End-User Deployment

Deploy and activate zIPS to your employee's and customers' mobile endpoints without the need for complicated activation steps by the end-user.

Support Zero Trust With Critical Data

Comprehensive device attribution enables enterprises to have a complete picture of their mobile endpoint security and shores up Zero Trust architectures.

Dynamic Content Filtering

Minimize web-based threats through advanced detection and prevention for malicious and risky sites through 70 content categories and granular policies.

Securing Chromebooks with Zimperium MTD

Chromebooks have enabled millions of students and employees to be productive and access the data they need, where they need it. As their popularity continues to rise, so will the threats against them. By implementing Zimperium MTD for Chromebooks into the existing security stack, IT and security teams can maintain their advanced secure posture no matter where those devices are in the world.

Zimperium MTD for Chromebooks’ on-device design also protects user privacy and provides local, continuous assessments of the mobile endpoint. Administrators finally have centralized visibility into any attacks so they can take quick action and events can be correlated and viewed in external SIEM and data collection services.

Securing K12 Chromebooks

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