Mobile Application Protection Suite (MAPS)

The only complete mobile application protection solution

Mobile Apps Drive Business and Introduce Risk

Mobile applications drive growth and productivity. To deliver this value, they store, process, and transmit vast amounts of confidential information and access critical backend systems. The app’s source code, data, crypto keys together make this possible. But all these components are vulnerable to static and dynamic inspection by bad actors and on-device runtime abuse by malware and hostile environments.

When enterprises choose to do nothing, it leads to the following outcomes:

  • Revenue Loss Due To Fraud & IP Theft
  • Penalties Due To Non-Compliance and Data Loss
  • Increased Customer Churn
  • Increasing Costs Due To Business Disruption
  • Diminishing Growth Due to Damaged Brand Reputation
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“We needed to rebuild and relaunch our apps quickly and efficiently. MAPS provided a one-stop-shop approach to identifying security, privacy, and compliance risks during app development and protecting/monitoring apps from attacks while in use. As impressive, Zimperium’s knowledge, responsiveness, and genuine care are exceptional.”

– SVP of Application Development, North American Banking Company

The Only Complete Mobile Security Solution

Zimperium’s MAPS helps enterprises to build secure and compliant mobile applications. It is the only unified solution that combines comprehensive in-app protection with centralized threat visibility.

  • zScan: Helps your mobile app development organization to discover and fix compliance, privacy, and security issues within the development process before you publicly release your apps.
  • zKeyBox: Protects your secrets and keys so they cannot be discovered, extracted, or manipulated.
  • zShield: Protects the source code, intellectual property (IP), and data from potential attacks like reverse engineering and code tampering.
  • zDefend: Is an SDK embedded in apps to help detect and defend against device, network, phishing, and malware attacks.

Protect the Apps You Build and Use

The average enterprise organization develops eight mobile apps for internal and external customer use. Some develop more than 50. These apps can create a very positive experience for customers and employees but also introduce risk as they reside on tens of millions of devices. Imagine being breached or out of compliance on 25 million devices. The impact is almost impossible to measure. To understand your security, privacy and compliance risks in your enterprise mobile applications, Zimperium’s MAPS is the solution.

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“The integrated threat management dashboard provided by MAPS enables real-time threat visibility as well as the capacity to respond to emerging threats and attacks discovered.” — Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ SPARK Matrix™: In-App Protection, 2022

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