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60% of an Organization’s Endpoints are Mobile and Unprotected

60% of an Organization’s Endpoints are Mobile and Unprotected

Enterprise employees today use their mobile devices more than they use their traditional endpoint. And these devices have access to or contain the same information that their laptop or desktop does. While there is a measurable increase in productivity, there is also significantly increased risk to an organization as a result of the lack of security on mobile devices. And while you wouldn’t think of not protecting a laptop or desktop, mobile devices often go unprotected.


Enterprise Mobile Security Requires an Enterprise Solution

Enterprise mobile security solutions must meet two equally important criteria. First, they need an advanced technology solution that leverages machine learning to protect against device, network, application and phishing attacks.

Second, they need a solution that fits into their existing security ecosystem integrating with the EPP, UEM and EDR environment to give a complete picture of endpoints. This ecosystem includes running on the cloud platform of their choice; not the vendors choice.

Ultimately, enterprises need to adopt a security solution that incorporates the data, control, and coverage needed for the distributed workforce while supporting current security workflows. It’s time to maintain visibility and protect all the endpoints connected to enterprise systems, not just the 40% that represent laptops, desktop, and servers.

Enterprise Mobile Security Requires a Enterprise Solution
Zimperium is the Only On-Device Mobile security Solution built specifically for enterprise organizations.

Zimperium is the Only On-Device Mobile Security Solution Built Specifically for Enterprises

Zimperium not only provides advanced machine learning-based enterprise mobile security, the solution can run on any cloud platform (AWS, Azure, Oracle, Google) but integrates seamlessly into your security infrastructure. Zimperium integrates with your SIEM, any and multiple MDM/UEMs concurrently, allows group and individual app, phishing and device policies and advanced management reporting. This is all accessible through a user-friendly management console.


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