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6,000 New Applications Added to App Stores Every Day

Every day 6,000 new applications are added to Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store. It’s impossible for any security professional to keep up with the volume of new apps potentially entering their environment. Zimperium’s Advanced App Analysis (z3A) continuously monitors and evaluates mobile applications. The analysis delivers to the security professional:

  • Detailed App Privacy and Risk Analysis
  • Catalog Includes Millions of Apps and Growing
  • Advanced Content, Intent and Context Insights

Ongoing Analysis

For each risky mobile app that is identified, Zimperium’s z3A solution provides deep intelligence, including contextual analysis along with privacy and security ratings.

z3A leverages our robust app analysis engine, APPVisualizerTM, to provide powerful mobile application vetting capabilities. The engine detects security and privacy risks by continuously gathering and correlating data from various sources, including malware and data manipulation instances. Through multivariate tests and validations, potential risks are identified before they become threats.

You can know in real time what each and every app is doing, including:

  • Content: the app code itself
  • Intent: the app’s behavior
  • Context: the domains, certificates, shared code, network communications.

From a vast and large database of dynamically updated app knowledge, you get detailed quantitative and qualitative intelligence that is tailored to your enterprise’s security and privacy risk management needs.

``z3A reports showed immediate value by identifying security risks in consumer applications, and enabling app based policies to automate compliance.``
- CSO, U.S. Based Hospital Network

Visibility into Your Mobile Security Posture

From Zimperium’s zConsole, you get a holistic view of your device’s risk posture, including app risks via the integrated z3A solution.

App Security and Privacy Risk Summary Reports can be generated in minutes, saving security resources up to 8 hours of research time. The reports include app risk scoring and app behaviors and context so the enterprise security teams can take action and apply the required application policies. Detailed technical journals in JSON help security teams further understand the command and control communications of malicious apps.

Customized App Policies

Based on the detailed app information from z3A, administrators can create highly customized and granular app policies. These policies can be applied across all users or on a more targeted basis by groups, either new by new groups or those already existing in an EMM/UEM.

Zimperium zConsole App Dashboard

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