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Industry-Specific Mobile Device Security Solutions & Protection

Solutions Designed for the Needs of Your Organization

Mobile Device Security that Enables Employee Productivity

Today, employees have more mobile devices than traditional endpoints and use them to perform business functions more than they do their laptops or desktops. In fact, for every traditional endpoint (laptop, desktop) employees have 1.5 mobile devices on average. This means that 60% of your total endpoints are unprotected and you have no visibility or management capabilities.

Conventional IT approaches used for securing corporate networks, servers, applications and company-owned computers don’t address the exposure of the growing, highly distributed mobile attack surface. Just one compromised mobile device can spread into a very costly security breach for an enterprise. Zimperium has developed solutions with industry-specific functionality.


Leverage technology used by top global automotive companies to protect their confidential information.

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The first comprehensive, machine learning-based security solution for Chromebooks for Education.

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Automatically detect, report and remediate advanced mobile threats while meeting financial service compliance requirements.

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Solutions designed specifically for the unique needs of Federal, State, and Local organizations.

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Secure private health information in patient apps and on devices in medical facilities and outpatient care.

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Support agents and field claims worker devices with better protection against rogue networks, malware and data breaches.

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Stay productive while keeping privileged attorney-client information protected from advanced mobile threats.

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Secure field and laboratory devices from cyber theft and espionage.

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Retail & Mobile E-Commerce

Secure your mobile POS devices and your consumer apps from cyber attacks.

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“Mobile malware has not been an issue in the eyes of enterprises so far. However, mobile attacks (Pegasus, XcodeGhost) and vulnerabilities (Stagefright, Heartbleed) are increasing in terms of both number and pragmatism. Enterprises are now looking for solutions that can enhance their mobile security posture. Mobile threat defense (MTD) solutions combine signature-based checks with behavioral anomaly detection on the device, network and app layer.”

Gartner Predicts 2017: Endpoint and Mobile Security, Analyst(s): John Girard | Dionisio Zumerle | Brian Reed | Peter Firstbrook | Bart Willemsen, 16 November 2016.

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