Securing and Certifying SoftPOS Apps with Zimperium

MPoC Compliant Security with Zimperium

Trusted by multiple SoftPOS providers across the globe, Zimperium offers a comprehensive suite of mobile app protection solutions (MAPS) as part of its Mobile-First Security Platform. Already used widely to protect certified SPoC and CPoC solutions, our offerings are geared to be fully compliant with PCI MPoC.


Secure Cryptographic Keys

White-box cryptography protects cryptographic keys and algorithms. Provides TR-31, TR-34, and AES-compliant DUKPT features.

Secure PIN

Encryption keys, PINs, and individual PIN digits are never exposed as plaintext within device memory, saving time and money.

Code Protection

Code protection safeguards the app’s source code, intellectual property, and data from potential attacks like reverse engineering and code tampering.

Real-time Attestation and Monitoring

On-device runtime protection offers dynamic security – combining behavioral and machine learning threat detection techniques for attestation and monitoring.

Measurable Security Robustness for PCI MPoC

Cover all regulatory aspects of security, including the resistance requirement of 25 points according to the PCI MPoC Attack Rating Methodology.

Fast-Track your PCI MPoC Certification with Zimperium MAPS

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Why MAPS Stands Out

Zimperium’s Mobile App Protection Suite (MAPS) equips SoftPOS providers to incorporate best-in-class security in their solutions to meet regulatory requirements and safeguard cardholder data. Our mobile-focused vulnerability scanning and comprehensive in-app security, ensure a fortified, compliant, security posture for SoftPOS applications.

MYPINPAD secures SoftPOS for PCI certification with Zimperium MAPS

Learn how MYPINPAD utilized Zimperium’s industry-leading Mobile Application Protection Suite (MAPS) to protect their cryptographic keys, their code, and their application.

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Comprehensive protection from development to runtime
Integrated SaaS dashboard for real-time visibility into risks, threats, and insights
A multi-layered security approach that protects against known and zero-day threats
Update security detections and on-device threat responses over-the-air without publishing a new app version
A negligible impact on the size and performance of mobile applications
A rich set of APIs for integrating security into application lifecycle

Trusted by SoftPOS Providers

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Zimperium MAPS for SoftPOS

What’s Included?

  • Code Obfuscation and Protection
  • Whitebox Key Protection
  • Runtime Threat Detection for A&M
  • App Scanner


  • 1 Application
  • 1 Platform – Android
  • 2 Ciphers – AES, RSA or ECC
  • Add-Ons & Additional Ciphers Available

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