Prevent Cyber Criminals From Stealing Your Code

Once a mobile app is publicly released, attackers can download and inspect the application to find exploitable coding errors and vulnerabilities. Zimperium’s zShield hardens and protects the app with advanced obfuscation and anti-tampering functionality to protect the source code, intellectual property (IP), and data within the application.

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How Are Cyber Criminals Abusing Your App?

Find vulnerabilities and build targeted malware

Repackage app with malware to comprise end-user devices

Bypass payments to access premium content for free

Steal sensitive data

Copy proprietary code for the highest bidder

Discover and abuse APIs to breach supporting systems

Key Capabilities to Keep Your Code Secure

Anti-Reverse Engineering

Advanced Obfuscation


Binary Packing



Integrity Checking

Anti-Method Swizzling

Function Caller Verification

Jailbreak / Rooting Detection

Shared Library Cross-Checking

Mach-O Binary Signature Verification

Google Play Licensing Protection

Customizable Defense Actions

To learn more about each technique, download our whitepaper

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Why Zimperium?

Low code - UI assisted implementation

Protection is tuned for optimal performance

Choose the degree of obfuscation at file and function level

Preset configurations based on best practices

Every obfuscated build looks looks different

Has a minimal impact to application size

Learn how our advanced application protection technologies
keep software secure in companies like yours

Financial Services

Protect finance, banking, payment, and mPOS apps from a broad array of attacks, including code analysis and tampering, malware injection and discovery of crypto keys.


Secure automotive services applications, secret keys, and sensitive data stored inside those applications.


Secure medical apps and keys from attack, protect intellectual property and patient data, and ensure regulatory compliance.


Secure content delivery apps and services from attack to protect content provider IP, reduce risk of disruption, and safeguard private data.

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Platforms Supported

“Security and risk management leaders must take due care in protecting their application
clients to avoid turning a promising software design trend into a security failure.”

– Gartner’s Market Guide for In-App Protection Report
(July 3, 2019; Dionisio Zumerle and Manjunath Bhat)

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