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How the Second Largest City in the US Provides its Residents with the Best Resources to Secure their Mobile Devices
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Providing Residents with Tools for Better Mobile Security

Cybersecurity is no longer just a public good; it’s a public necessity. Some state and local governments are rising to the challenge by providing digital protection for their residents in addition to the more traditional protections they provide in their local geographic region. Learn which states and localities have already embraced this responsibility with next-generation, machine learning-based, on-device mobile security.

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Mobile Device Security
Zimperium zSecure For Students On Apple Android And Chromebook

Securing Students at K-12 Educational Institutions

With many of the services and software needs offloaded to the cloud, Chromebooks provide stability, scalability, and increased security over legacy systems. But as with all connected devices, risks against data still exist. Students, teachers and administrators using Chromebooks face the same privacy and security threats associated with laptops and mobile devices, often without the same security measures. Learn about how to protect students and teachers using Chromebooks from bad Wi-Fi, phishing, spyware, and OS exploits.

Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Ransomware & Cyberattacks

Because state and local governments are responsible for a significant amount of critical infrastructure, such as utilities, schools and emergency services, they’re a primary target for ransomware attacks. Beyond disrupting day-to-day functions, attacks on state or local governments can rack up millions of dollars in recovery costs and weaken critical systems. But with limited resources, protecting critical infrastructure from cyberattacks is a challenge. Zimperium Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) – formerly known as zIPS – secures today’s and tomorrow’s mobile devices. Zimperium MTD uses machine learning to protect Android, iOS, and Chromebook mobile devices against known and unknown threats to ensure that detection and protection outpaces evolving threats.

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