Mobile Threat Defense Maturity

Enabling Enterprises to Effectively Manage Mobile Risks

Enabling Enterprises to Effectively Manage Mobile Risks

Zimperium’s Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) solution provides enterprise customers effective, scalable security controls at each level of an organization,efficiently monitoring and mitigating advanced mobile threats while respecting the unique policy and privacy requirements of the organization.

But security professionals know better than most that having the right tooling is important but is only the first step, and that deriving holistic value quickly is critical in cybersecurity. And with the pace at which cyber threats are evolving, Zimperium understands that enterprise customers need help accelerating their mobile security positioning more than ever.

Zimperium provides a MTD Maturity Model to help customers build effective Mobile Threat defense capabilities based on best-practices.

The Goal

The goal of the model is simple: provide a path forward and enable enterprises to periodically assess security postures and defensive opportunities. The model has five maturity levels: Visibility, Restricted Access, Proactive Risk Management, Advanced Risk Management, and Unified Security.

Each maturity level guides threat focus areas, policy recommendations, milestones, and security scores to achieve the intended level of protection. The higher the maturity, the higher the security efficacy against mobile attacks and threats. Once a level of maturity is determined, the next steps include measurements, metrics, and specific outcomes. This is a valuable tool to strategize, execute and communicate across the organization to address mobile risks.

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Learn More

Zimperium’s goal is to support customers as they embrace mobile platforms to drive productivity and growth while minimizing security risks. The Maturity Model provides guidance on how to plan, adapt and integrate Mobile Threat Defense platforms into the enterprise ecosystem. If you want to learn more, download the brief.

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