Secure Your Cryptographic Keys

All software uses cryptographic keys to encrypt outgoing and decrypt incoming communications containing sensitive data. But cryptography alone is not sufficient. Today cybercriminals are not trying to break this advanced algorithm; they are focused on stealing the keys. And most cryptographic implementations are vulnerable because they do not account for hostile environments. Even the strongest encryption methods fail when cryptographic keys are compromised.

Zimperium zKeyBox leverages white-box cryptography to protect keys and secrets within your mobile application. It transforms and obscures cryptographic algorithms so that keys never appear in the clear and the execution logic is untraceable. Your keys cannot be extracted—even if the device itself has been compromised.

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How Cyber Criminals are Stealing Keys

Exploit poor Key Management practices

Exploit hardware-based security storage

Inspect apps in an execution environment under their control

Use malware to steal keys from device memory

Exfiltrate keys embedded in the source code

Compromising unsecured cloud storage

Why Zimperium?

Protect any standard or
cryptographic algorithm.

Protect your keys
on any platform.

No dependency on
provided by the
underlying platforms.

Pentested regularly to
support regulatory compliance.
(PCI, EMVCo, etc.)

High Performance
Avg. Signing Speed = <250 ms
Avg. Library Size = 1 MB

Deep cryptographic
to guide every
step of your deployment.

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Learn how our technologies keep software secure on multiple platforms.

Secure Contactless Payments

Protect POS apps from a broad array of attacks, including code analysis and tampering, malware injection and discovery of crypto keys.

Secure ePHI on Medical Devices

Secure medical apps and keys from attack, protect intellectual property and patient data, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Secure Connected Car Apps

Secure automotive services applications, secret keys, and sensitive data stored inside those applications.

Prevent ATO & New Account Fraud

Secure content delivery apps and services from attack to protect content provider IP, reduce risk of disruption, and safeguard private data.

Platforms Supported

“Security and risk management leaders must take due care in protecting their application
clients to avoid turning a promising software design trend into a security failure.”

– Gartner’s Market Guide for In-App Protection Report
(July 3, 2019; Dionisio Zumerle and Manjunath Bhat)

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