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What is PSD2?

The Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2) is a European regulation for electronic payment services. Its aim is to make payments more secure in the European Union (EU), enhance consumer protection, and foster innovation and competition within the financial industry. The regulation, which progressively began between January 13, 2018 and September 14, 2019, entails fundamental changes in the industry as it gives third parties access to bank infrastructure.

Why is it Important?

PSD2 represents a landmark in European regulation, reshaping the world of electronic payment services. Its fundamental goals are to amplify security measures across Europe’s payment landscape, ignite a wave of innovation, and assist banking services in their quest to align with state-of-the-art technologies. PSD2 introduces strict security requirements for the initiation and processing of electronic payments and the protection of consumers’ financial data.

Who Does it Apply to?

The regulation applies to Payment Service Providers (PSPs), such as banks, processors, and FinTechs and it covers all types of electronic and non-cash payments, including mobile and online payments. It is also important to recognize that it applies to any of these organizations that serve EU citizens, regardless of where they’re based.


How Can Zimperium Help with Compliance?

The PSD2 Regulation requires financial institutions to ensure that mobile apps and user data are sufficiently protected and that there are no “signs of malware infection in any sessions of the authentication procedure.”  By implementing Zimperium’s zShield and zDefend, institutions have app shielding and runtime protection respectively that will ensure compliance. 

zDefend enables mobile app developers to meet requirements for device and software integrity, secure communication, and data protection. zDefend also enables institutions to address PSD2’s strong customer authentication requirements, which are vital in mitigating the risk posed by failures elsewhere in the security ecosystem.

Zimperium provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) that makes it fast and easy for developers to embed Zimperium’s on-device dynamic threat detection engine directly inside any mobile app. With the engine embedded, mobile apps can immediately determine if the device is compromised, if any network attacks are occurring, and if malicious apps are installed and potentially pose a threat. Moreover, developers can specify local remediation actions to mitigate risk when a threat is detected. In short, zDefend is a single solution to meet a host of PSD2 requirements.

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Zimperium helps banking institutions meet the following regulatory requirements related to security:

Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

Payment Security Controls

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Monetary Authority of Singapore 

MAS Guidelines

Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA)

Enhancement to Security of Electronic Banking Services

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