Continuous Mobile Application Security Scanning

Ongoing App Testing is Vital to Securing Mobile Apps

While organizations have become proficient at developing mobile apps, many lack the ongoing and automated ability to discover privacy, security, and compliance issues in those mobile apps. When attackers discover and exploit these issues in the wild, the lack of visibility and actionable information can lead to breaches, stolen data, brand impact, and lost revenue.

Pentesting identifies some risks but causes significant delays and can’t be used consistently without becoming cost prohibitive. Traditional application security testing platforms are more efficient, but they don’t address the risks that are unique to mobile, such as unsecured storage and operations support system (OSS) components. Organizations need a solution that identifies mobile-specific concerns without causing delays in the development lifecycle.

“Mobile applications are central to a company’s digital transformation. Ensuring these apps do not present vulnerabilities that can be exploited is essential to enable this transformative process. Mobile AST largely uses similar techniques to traditional AST, but it must adapt those techniques to the mobile device environment and the more agile development processes that come with it.”

– Hype Cycle for Application Security, 2022
By Joerg Fritsch

zScan discovers and fixes compliance, privacy, and security issues before released as part of the development process.

Build Secure Apps with Mobile App Security Testing (MAST) from zScan

zScan helps mobile app developers and security teams identify privacy, security, and compliance risks during the development and pre-release testing phases. Zimperium’s zScan:

  • Performs a static and dynamic analysis of the binary to provide a list of prioritized findings;
  • Documents risks within mobile apps including hardware specific usage, insecure API calls, and sensitive data handling;
  • Identifies risks within first-party and third-party components to help assess supply chain risks (SBOM);
  • Allows apps scanning directly from the build pipeline or manually uploaded as desired to the administrative console; and
  • Enables compliance and security teams to define and customize policies to ensure only the applicable findings are opened.

“With zScan, we are detecting security vulnerabilities before release – in hours rather than weeks – and then automatically provide our third party developer with a list of fixes.”

– Application Security Manager, Global Banking Company

Why Zimperium for Mobile Application Scanning & Testing


Integrate Seamlessly

Zimperium’s mobile app security testing solution integrates into your DevOps workflows via REST APIs, GitHub actions, or plugins.


Simplify Workflows

zScan opens tickets in ticketing systems (Jira, Cloudbees Jenkins, and TeamCity) with the vulnerable code snippet and recommendations to mitigate the risk.


Meet Compliance Requirements

Uncover and address compliance violations tied to NIAP, PCI, GDPR, OWASP, and more in order to avoid costly fines.


Prioritize Efforts

Enable security teams to prioritize efforts by providing CVE, CVSS, and CWE information for each finding.


Compare Builds

Compare two builds to determine the delta between the findings and help continuous improvement.


Integrated Security Suite

Our full Mobile App Protection Suite is the only unified platform with centralized visibility and comprehensive in-app protection.

Zimperium GitHub Action for Mobile Application Security Testing

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