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As K-12 Chromebooks Usage Increases, Students & Educators Are Now Protected From Attacks

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about exceptional shipment numbers for the notebook computer industry, with Chromebooks showing the most remarkable growth. Unfortunately, for schools relying on Chromebooks for remote education, students, teachers and administrators face the same privacy and security threats associated with laptops and mobile devices, without the same security measures. These risks and threats include:

  • Bad WiFi: Loss of personal information, including grades and health data.
  • Phishing: Stolen credentials could be used to steal money or even compromise social media accounts.
  • Malicious App: Spyware and other malicious apps could expose data or deliver a device exploit.
  • OS Exploit: Cameras and microphones can be turned on, anytime day or night.
  • Risky App: Private information can be shared without any user knowledge or consent.

Threats & Risks to Chromebooks

An individual can be tricked into installing malware through various social engineering tricks. Again, this could occur on iOS or Android devices too.

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Once the Chromebook is in the “bad guy’s” control, he/she can access the different functionality, including the camera.

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An individual can also gain the passwords for any account. For example, a student is at a coffee shop, reviewing mom and dad’s checking out.

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Introducing Zimperium MTD for Chromebooks

Schools finally have a solution to these threats: Zimperium Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) for Chromebooks (formerly known as zIPS for Chromebooks). Zimperium MTD for Chromebooks is the first and only comprehensive, on-device, machine learning-based security solution for Chromebooks.

Detects Threats

Zimperium MTD for Chromebooks – through the same machine learning-based technology that has been detecting and preventing attacks on millions of iOS and Android endpoints for years – detects and remediates against those attacks (and more):

  • Identifying and blocking users from accessing phishing sites;
  • Detection of malicious Wi-Fi networks and alerting users to disconnect from the network; and
  • Assessment of all Android apps for undesired violations of privacy, or unsecure development practice.
“The genie is out of the bottle. School districts using Chromebooks are at risk. The same risks laptops and desktops face, but without the protection. Zimperium MTD for Chromebooks is an insurance policy every school district, private school, homeschooler, college and university needs.”

– Former State Secretary of Technology; Current Cybersecurity in Education Advocate

Protects Privacy

Zimperium MTD for Chromebooks’ on-device design also protects user privacy and provides local, continuous assessments of the endpoint.

Provides Centralized Visibility

Additionally, administrators finally have centralized visibility into any attacks so they can take quick action and events can be correlated and viewed in external SIEM and data collection services.

Zimperium MTD for Chromebooks helps educational institutions reduce their risk by detecting the most advanced device, network, phishing and malicious app attacks.

Zimperium is providing peace of mind for educators, parents and older students who will be able to remediate while maintaining the strictest of privacy.

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