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Cybersecurity is no longer just a public good; it’s a public necessity. Governments bear a responsibility not only to protect residents on the street but also in the digital world. Some states and localities have already embraced this responsibility with next-generation, machine learning-based, on-device mobile security.

Los Angeles Partners with Zimperium to Keep Residents Safe on Mobile

To keep residents safe on mobile devices, LA Metro and the City of Los Angeles have partnered with Zimperium to provide a free mobile security application called LA Secure.

Michigan Secure App Protects Citizens from Mobile Attacks

The NYC Secure App From NYC Cyber Command, Powered by Zimperium

``Our goal is to defend New Yorkers from malicious cyber activity on mobile devices across Wi-Fi networks and beyond. NYC Secure alerts you to risks, threats and attacks including if you are connecting to unsecured Wi-Fi networks.``
New York City Cyber Command

Cybersafety With Respect For Personal Privacy

Provide your residents peace of mind. Give them free access to persistent, on-device protection for their mobile devices with the same technology used by top Fortune 100 companies and government agencies around the world. The zSecure app protects your residents’ mobile devices against:

  • Phishing
  • Malicious and Risky Apps
  • Vulnerable Software
  • Risky Settings
  • Device Compromise

The zSecure app protects your residents’ mobile devices, whether or not they are connected to the internet. Equally important, zSecure delivers this protection while requiring zero personal information from your residents. The app provides contextual alerts and meaningful recommendations to help keep citizens safe and build good security habits.

Mobile Device Security

Zimperium zSecure for NYC, Michigan, and Los Angeles

A global leader in mobile security, Zimperium protects 100 million users every day. We provide the only solution with all machine learning-based threat detection occurring on-device—a critical requirement for a privacy-first solution. Zimperium is the only provider with proven, scalable and privacy-protecting implementations such as the ones we provided New York City, Michigan, and Los Angeles.
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``The app is designed not only for security, but for privacy, collecting no identifying information and even receiving the approval of the ACLU. By helping our residents become more secure, we help all levels of government become more secure as well.``
Christopher DeRusha Chief Security Officer, State of Michigan

Protect Remote Worker and Student Devices

In this unprecedented age of remote working and remote education, you can offer your citizens—students and workforce alike—invaluable protection for their Chromebooks too. zSecure is the first and only mobile device protection to keep Chromebooks secure, and thereby keep Chromebook users connected and productive.

  • Free app for all residents.
  • Branding that inspires trust.
  • Meaningful warnings & recommendations.

Give your residents protection and peace of mind with zSecure.

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Zimperium zSecure For Students On Apple Android And Chromebook

Turnkey Mobile Threat Defense

  • Development Create and deliver the branded app for iOS and Android
  • Hosting Host and maintaining the solution’s cloud infrastructure
  • Marketing Assist with content ideas to communicate risks & benefits
  • Upgrades Frequent updates with security features to counter new threats.
“The City and County of Los Angeles have a responsibility to protect residents in both the physical and the digital realms – and it’s a responsibility we take very seriously. Through LA Secure, we’re making good on that commitment and empowering people with the resources they need to stay safe online.”
Mayor Eric Garcetti

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