z9: Machine Learning-Based Technology

Lab Trained for Years with Billions of Datapoints

Next-generation, On-device Mobile Device Security

z9™ is the revolutionary Mobile Threat Defense engine developed by our team of advanced mobile security researchers and developers at Zimperium. z9™ uses machine learning to detect device, network, phishing and application mobile attacks on-device and in real time. The z9™ engine was specifically developed for mobile, not ported from traditional endpoint security, to guard against the unique threats targeting iOS , Android and Chromebook devices. z9™ runs efficiently on-device, without introducing latency or violating user privacy.

“We selected Zimperium’s engine because we recognized the superior technology, especially when it came to on-device and zero-day detection.”

– Group CISO, Multinational Automotive Company

Like a Central Nervous System for your Mobile Device

Much like your nervous system continuously monitors your body from the inside, z9™ can detect both known and unknown threats by analyzing the behavior of a mobile device. By analyzing slight deviations to the mobile device’s OS statistics, memory, CPU and other system parameters, z9™ can accurately identify not only the specific type of malicious attack, but also provide forensics associated with the who, what, where, when and how of an attack occurrence.

Human Body Scanning Within Tablet
“Patented machine-learning models and network protection works very well.”

– Infrastructure and Operations Analyst, Multinational Media Company

Stop Zero-Day Threats without Signatures or Lookups

Unlike other threat detection systems, z9™ monitors the entire mobile device for malicious behavior regardless of the attack entry point. The device-wide resident approach does not rely on external IDs or malware signatures, and does much more than app scanning. This makes z9™ immune to evasion techniques such as polymorphic malware, virtual machine awareness, download and execute techniques or binary obfuscation, allowing Zimperium solutions to find and protect against both known, zero-day or new threats even when disconnected from the network.

“GDPR compliance and privacy concerns were satisfied through on-device detection.”

– CISO, International Banking Group

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