Enterprise Mobile Threat Defense

The next generation of threat defense for mobile devices

Beyond Mobile AV - Continuous On-Device Protection

Zimperium Intrusion Prevention Systems (zIPS) is the world’s first mobile intrusion prevention system (app) that provides complete protection for iOS and Android devices against both network and host-based cyberattacks.

Security health checks for mobile devices

Much like a doctor can diagnose an illness by analyzing the symptoms your body is exhibiting, zIPS can detect both known and unknown threats by analyzing the behavior of your mobile device. By analyzing slight deviations to the mobile device’s statistics, processes, memory, CPU and other parameters, z9 can accurately identify not only the specific type of malicious attack, but the forensics that indicate who, what, when and how the attack occurred. Zimperium developed the revolutionary “z9 Behavioral Defense Engine” by training it over many years with proprietary machine-learning algorithms that distinguish normal behavior from malicious behavior on Android and iOS devices. Unlike cloud-based mobile security solutions that employ app sandboxing or tunnel all of your traffic through the cloud, the z9 engine sits directly on the mobile devices within the zIPS app, to provide complete protection around the clock.

Mobile Threat Detection

Utilizes z9, an on-device behavioral defense engine, to monitor the whole device for malicious behavior and dynamically detect known and unknown threats in real-time.

Mobile Security Protection

Prevents a compromised mobile devices from gaining access to the corporate network by either isolating the device or disabling it from the WiFi access point to provide complete protection against network and host-based mobile attacks.

Mobile Security Enablement

Enables enterprises to support BYOD programs that take advantage of the productivity benefits mobile devices offer without compromising security.

Securely enable BYOD

Leave your employees to their own devices. zIPS accommodates the human factor. We secure iOS and Android devices without compromising the user experience, draining the battery or violating a user’s privacy.

Mobile Device Protection – We’ve got you covered

Secure enterprises from breaches in BYOD environments with the only advanced threat detection developed specifically for mobile devices. zIPS protects the whole device, not just mobile applications, from multiple attack vectors including:

network and host mobile attacks

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