zIPS Mobile Device Security

Purpose-built for the enterprise

Secure Your Mobile Endpoints

Zimperium zIPS is an advanced mobile threat defense solution for enterprises, providing persistent, on-device protection to both corporate owned and BYOD devices. Leveraging Zimperium z9, zIPS detects threats across the kill chain: device, network, phishing, and app attacks.

Privacy Focused, Enterprise Mobile Security

Zimperium's on-device, machine learning-powered detection, is capable of scaling with the needs of the modern workforce, securing devices against even the most advanced threats. With a privacy first approach to data processing, Zimperium enables enterprises to support and secure BYOD devices without sacrificing the end user’s personal data.

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Powered by Machine Learning

Zimperium’s z9 machine learning engine was built with the enterprise in mind. Providing real-time, on-device protection, the cloud-based ML engine uses billions of data points to understand the mobile risks and threats and keep mobile endpoints secure. The model is delivered to the endpoint, giving it the power of on-device protection, securing it even if the endpoint is not connected to the network.

Support Zero Trust with Critical Mobile Data

Zimperium zIPS enables security operations and incident response teams with the critical mobile threat and risk data necessary to support modern Zero Trust architectures. The unmatched threat forensics and risk intelligence data feed can be integrated with leading enterprise mobility management (EMM), unified endpoint management (UEM), security operations (SOC), and incident response (IR) solutions.

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Deployable Anywhere

Zimperium zIPS is managed by the advanced cloud-native management console, zConsole, enabling IT, Risk/Compliance and security administrators to manage policies, monitor for threats, and mitigate mobile risks. Deploy zConsole to any cloud, shared and dedicated SaaS, air-gapped network, or on-premise networks.

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“There is no other mobile security solution like zIPS. Having been involved in the mobile security industry for about a decade, I have watched Zimperium skyrocket with development and growth exponentially. Additionally, their keen intuition and insight on what mobile security needs is what makes them so successful.”

- Technology Support Associate, Global Technology Company

Understand Your Complete Mobile Attack Surface

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Powered by Machine Learning

On-device, machine learning-based detection provides prevention against the latest mobile threats, including zero-day malware.

Critical Data, Where You need It

With integrations into enterprises SIEM, IAM, UEM, and XDR platforms, administrators always have the data they need.

Deploy Anywhere

Address local data laws and compliance needs by deploying to any cloud, on-premise, or air-gapped environments.

Zero Touch Deployment

Deploy and activate zIPS to your employees and customers mobile endpoints without the need for complicated activation steps by the end user.

Critical Data

Comprehensive device attribution enables enterprises to have a complete picture of their mobile endpoint security and shores up Zero Trust architectures through existing integrations.

Complete Mobile Coverage

No matter the mobile device, from tablet to phones, Zimperium provides complete security coverage across Android, iOS, and ChromeOS.