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Meeting the Needs of the Mobile

Mobile devices and tablets are indispensable tools in today’s enterprise workplace. The boundaries between personal, work, and commercial use are increasingly blurred, and there’s no such thing as a “work device” or “personal device” any more. Mobile workers want to access corporate resources anytime, anywhere -- whether they’re using their own tablet or smartphone and their corporate network or not, even when they are globetrotting to China for business. Mobile productivity is also driven from the top. Business leaders want to transform their business processes and leverage mobility for competitive advantage. They recognize that giving mobile workers, partners and customers convenient mobile access and efficient processes translates into business benefits, from faster decision making to improved product cycles, better customer service… and increased revenue.

The Security Challenge

The use of mobile devices in the workplace is at an all-time high. Embracing BYO and developing mobile applications to improve business processes can be a great advantage. Yet, with these mobility initiatives comes a vast attack surface for cybercriminals who are increasingly sophisticated. Existing network security solutions lack the visibility needed to protect mobile devices once they leave the corporate network. Signature-based technology can’t keep pace or protect against unknown threats. Any single attack can result in a security breach that compromises an organization’s data, assets and brand. That’s why protecting against today’s mobile cyber attacks calls for increased security sophistication to ensure business processes and transactions are secure, and consumer and enterprise data is safeguarded.

Introducing Zimperium Mobile Threat Protection

Zimperium provides the industry’s first mobile threat management platform that delivers continuous, real-time cyberthreat protection for both mobile devices and applications. It’s the only on-device solution that continuously detects advanced network, device and application mobile threats in real time. What’s more, it provides the enterprise security team with best-in-class mobile device threat visibility and forensics.

optimized solution

Comprehensive network, device and application mobile threat protection for iOS and Android devices

continuous detection

Continuous, on-device threat detection with visibility into every mobile security incident on and off the corporate network

complete protection

Optimized for the mobile world and seamlessly integrated with EMM/MDM and SIEM technology partners

Mobile Protection

Zimperium’s Mobile Threat Protection suite of products are all built from a single mobile threat management platform. It uses patented machine learning technology that continuously runs on the device to deliver enterprise protection against threats across multiple layers of the OSI stack, including network, device and application. This revolutionary mobile security system seamlessly integrates with EMM/MDM and SIEM solutions to provide complete visibility, security and management for iOS and Android devices both on and off the corporate network. With its non-intrusive approach, users can be confident that their data and privacy are protected at all times. This mobile security platform also solves the unique challenges of securing mobile devices whether they are connected to the Internet or not.


Monitor the whole mobile device continuously for malicious behavior, and dynamically detect known and unknown threats in real time.

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View comprehensive app risk intelligence to mitigate security and privacy risks and reduce data exfiltration before there’s a breach.

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zIAP - In-App Protection

Use an In-App Protection SDK to identify threats and apply immediate risk mitigation actions for devices under attack.

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Zimperium Mobile Threat Protection Benefits

policy management

Protect your iOS and Android mobile devices from being compromised by known and unknown threats

BYOD integration

Support your BYO program while meeting privacy requirements


Provide actionable forensics about each mobile device incident – including the who, what, where, when and how of an occurrence

enterprise environment

Leverage existing security infrastructure with seamless EMM/MDM and SIEM integration

detailed reports

Mitigate against customers/partners being jeopardized by malicious activity, and reduce fraud

Secure and Scalable Enterprise Architecture

Zimperium’s enterprise mobile security technology delivers advanced threat protection that seamlessly integrates with your existing security infrastructure. Built on scalable, multi-tenant architecture, Zimperium can handle tens or even hundreds of thousands of devices for any single enterprise. It flexes to accommodate any number of customers. For data-at-rest and in-transit, AES 256-bit encryption is strictly enforced. Security teams see only the detailed information specific to their enterprise, although they benefit from the knowledge of other threats that Zimperium has discovered at other customer companies.

Scalable Enterprise Architecture

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