Zimperium Deepens Integration with AirWatch to Stop Mobile Cyberattacks

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We are excited to share that earlier today AirWatch announced our charter membership in their Mobile Security Partner Alliance Program. That announcement is about providing AirWatch customers with solutions to ensure the best security and visibility to mitigate the growing mobile threat landscape. While we already had a console-to-console integration with AirWatch to enable our customers to detect, analyze and remediate against both known and unknown cyberattacks that threaten valuable corporate data, we are showcasing an even deeper integration at AirWatch Connect.

airwatch zimperium jointNow, the AirWatch app and the zIPS app have the ability to communicate directly to provide immediate security right on the device. This means that if the device or an app is under attack, zIPS can make a call back to the AirWatch agent, alerting that the device/app has been compromised. The AirWatch agent will display the Zimperium alert and launch the Zimperium app so that the threat information can be seen and defined policy actions can be triggered.

The Zimperium team has worked very hard to deliver a ton of innovative features wrapped into a Zimperium for AirWatch solution that tightly integrates with AirWatch.  Here is a run-down of some of the key features.

Industry-leading mobile security to keep sensitive data safe
When Zimperium detects that a device has been compromised by malware (malicious app or spear-phishing), AirWatch can enact risk-based compliance policies to remediate based on the severity of the threat. The policies can temporarily disable the mobile device’s connections to corporate services (email or other apps, Wi-Fi and VPN) or even remove enterprise applications from the device. These actions stop the spread of the infection and prevent risk to your corporate data.

Network Attack Protection
When a man-in-the-middle network attack is detected, Zimperium will work hand-in-hand with AirWatch to take the mobile device out of harm’s way by disconnecting it from the compromised wireless network.

Comprehensive Visibility for Your Security Team
Zimperium provides configurable end-user notifications and administrator alerts by attack type to suit the needs of your enterprise. Your incident response team can take advantage of unprecedented mobile forensics to add to their enterprise view too.

You can learn more about the AirWatch-Zimperium Integrated Solution at www.zimperium.com/products

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Author: Scott King
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