"Security leaders should integrate the MTD solution with their incumbent UEM tool. Where devices must stay unmanaged, security leaders should use MTD to protect the enterprise infrastructure."

- Gartner's Market Guide for Mobile Threat Defense 2019

Zimperium Announces Mobile Threat Defense for
BYOD users with Microsoft Intune

Zimperium's device risk-based evaluation is now fully integrated with
Microsoft Intune

Zimperium is now FedRAMP Authorized

FedRAMP Authorization confirms that Zimperium meets the security, authorization and continuous monitoring requirements necessary for federal agency solutions.

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Mobile Security Technology Protecting Millions of Devices

Mobile Security Technology Protecting Millions of Devices

Zimperium’s z9 is the only on-device, machine learning-based security engine that has stopped every known and zero-day threat in the wild without an update.

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Mobile Security Technology Protecting Millions of Devices

zIPS Mobile Device Security for Android and iOS

Industry leading mobile security application purpose built for enterprise organizations with advanced UEM and EPP integration functionality deployable on any cloud or on-premises.

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zIAP Embedded SDK App Security

Deploy advanced machine learning security in less than 20 minutes to your internal or external customer applications. No downtime. 100% adoption.

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z3A Advanced Application Analysis

6000 new applications are posted to the app stores EVERY day. z3A is the only automated application analysis solution that delivers detailed insight of risky and malicious apps in your environment.

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