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Your Guide to Mobile Threat Defense Featuring Gartner’s Market Guide for Mobile Threat Defense Solutions

Zimperium Mobile Threat Defense

Real-Time Threat Protection

Latest Updates

Seamless EMM, MDM and SIEM integration

This revolutionary mobile security system seamlessly integrates with EMM/MDM and SIEM solutions to provide complete visibility, security and management for iOS and Android devices both on and off the corporate network.

network, device and malware forensics data

Unmatched network, device and malware forensics data lets security administrators view and understand each mobile security incident, including the who, what, where, when and how of an occurrence.

Detect mobile threats

Much like a doctor can diagnose an illness by analyzing the symptoms your body is exhibiting, Zimperium® Mobile Threat Protection can detect both known and unknown threats by analyzing the behavior of your mobile device.

The Threat Landscape

The modern mobile threat landscape changes by the hour and requires continuous, on-device protection to safeguard users in an unobtrusive way – without impacting productivity or violating user privacy.

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