Your data is mobile. Is your security?

We protect mobile endpoints and apps so they can access enterprise data in a safe and secure manner.


Mobile Security Technology Protecting Millions of Devices

100% of Zimperium customers detected mobile device threats with z9. Zimperium’s z9 is the only on-device, machine learning-based security engine that can stop zero-day threats in the wild without an update.

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Mobile Endpoint Security

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Zimperium empowers enterprises to secure their mobile endpoints, enabling employees to access sensitive data and mission critical systems safely and securely. Our enterprised-focused, advanced mobile security solution integrates with IAM, UEM, XDR platforms and is deployable on any cloud, on-premises, and air-gapped environments.

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Mobile Application Protection

We enable enterprises to build safe and secure mobile apps. Our solution detects and prevents app comprises that disrupt business, damage reputation, and result in regulatory penalties. Zimperium is the only unified solution that combines comprehensive protection with centralized threat visibility.

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