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Our mission: protecting our customers from mobile device attacks

Mobile cyber attacks are real today and they are rapidly increasing. That’s why some of the world’s largest companies are adding mobile threat protection solutions to their secure mobility strategies. Here are just a few customer successes for your reference.

Telco and media company

Large global telco and information services company with an international presence spanning 20 countries

Situation: This large global telco manages their mobile devices using an MDM solution to enforce pin codes, remote lock/wipe for lost or stolen devices and control access to corporate email. They also wanted to protect their managed-devices against advanced – network, device, and application – mobile cyber attacks.

Why Zimperium: Zimperium’s solution offers comprehensive and continuous visibility into advanced mobile threats to stop cyber attacks. Zimperiumprovides the protection against Wi-Fi, Cellular and device attacks this company needed. And the solution seamlessly integrates with their existing AirWatch MDM and Splunk SIEM, eliminating extra IT administrative burden.

Bottom Line: Zimperium first provided the company’s executive users with protection against mobile cyber attacks through its on-device, behavioral-analytics threat detection. Now this global leader is deploying Zimperium’s solution to 40,000 enterprise-devices, and includes it in a security-portfolio offering to its customers.

financial services company

Global leader in financial services spanning the Americas, Asia and Europe

Situation: The evolving mobility landscape caused this large global financial-services company to initiate a Blackberry-replacement program and adopt more popular platforms such as Android and iOS. They use an EMM solution to manage these devices and their applications containing highly confidential data.

The company then decided they needed a mobile security solution to protect their enterprise and customer data against advanced – network, device, and application – mobile threats. Keeping their critical and sensitive data safe was of utmost importance.

Why Zimperium: Zimperium’s solution delivers complete and continuous threat visibility to stop mobile cyber attacks and safeguard the company’s valuable data. It seamlessly integrates with their existing MDM and SIEM solutions. And it ensures privacy for their mobile workforce too.

Bottom Line: The Zimperium solution detected attacks simulated on a variety of Android and iOS devices across many threat vectors – browser, apps, malicious chargers, and Wi-Fi network – just to name a few. And now the organization is deploying to thousands of their Android and iOS devices.

social network company

Global Leading Social Networking Company

Situation: Customer was concerned about 6000 Android devices and wanted a risk assessment for critical OS vulnerabilities and to automate access to services, such as email, based on that device risk.

Why Zimperium: Providing on device detection of high risk network and app threats, coupled with detailed forensics via SIEM and APIs to other device workflow solutions was critical. Zimperium's fully automated remediation actions via EMMs simplified the process.

Bottom Line: The customer expanded the project with Advanced App Analysis, as the value of the data and the reports became apparent. The ability to understand potential risk and data loss via legitimate applications across iOS and Android, and the detailed reports to support justification for blocking or restricting access to high risk apps were highly valuable. The added analysis of internally developed applications for security flaws and risk, without requiring access to the source code, was critical.

The customer again expanded the scope of the project to include all iOS devices for visibility of OS exploit attacks, such as Pegasus, for OS risk perspective and analysis, and visibility into malicious applications potentially installed on iOS devices.

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