SentinelOne Singularity Mobile

The alliance between Zimperium and SentinelOne addresses the complete endpoint attack surface, delivering critical security controls to security teams and protection to employees near and far. With the brand new SentinelOne Singularity Mobile application added to its lineup, SentinelOne now provides complete endpoint coverage and protection with the most advanced endpoint security solutions available.

Protect all your endpoints in one place

As part of the SentinelOne Platform, Singularity Mobile delivers a best in class Endpoint Security Platform with the most extensive MITRE coverage. Singularity Mobile provides:

  • Behavioral AI-driven protection and detection against known and unknown malware
  • Prevention against real-time known and unknown phishing attacks
  • On device agent provides protection with or without cloud connection
  • Privacy is built into the design including GDPR compliance and BYOD safe
  • Available on iOS, Android, ChromeOS

Easy to Deploy + Freedom to Choose

Singularity Mobile works with or without an MDM solution and is compatible with all major MDM solutions. All endpoint security management is unified in the SentinelOne Management Console allowing you to utilize existing workflows so you can share settings for alerts, devices, and app inventory to scale security needs across your enterprise.
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“With work happening anywhere and anytime in the world today, every endpoint - including
mobile devices - is a potential target. It’s critical that mobile devices and Chromebooks have AI-powered defense to protect users and the enterprise as part of a zero trust framework.``
Nicholas Warner, COO, SentinelOne

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