Zimperium MTD with Samsung Knox

Unmatched Detection and Remediation and Unparalleled Forensics of Mobile Threats for Samsung Mobile Devices

The potential cyberattack surface has grown exponentially as enterprises make more assets and access available on mobile devices. Zimperium MTD with Samsung Knox integration provides unmatched protection against mobile phishing attacks, false networks, malicious/leaky apps, and device compromises.


Zimperium Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) with Samsung Knox – formerly known as zIPS with Samsung Knox – provides advanced detections, enhanced group-based remediations and unparalleled forensic details.

  • Provides threat detections not available on other platforms such as additional system anomalies, data exfiltration via network traffic patterns and suspicious network connections;
  • Enables enhanced remediation options such as preventing malicious app installations and customizing data leakage prevention (DLP) actions; and
  • Provides the most granular and detailed threat forensics available today.

“A device protected by Zimperium MTD with Samsung Knox may be the most secure device there is for a security-conscious organization. For all threats detected, Zimperium MTD with Samsung Knox provides the most granular and detailed threat forensics available today, which is in large part thanks to Zimperium.”

-Nick Dawson, Global Head of B2B Solution Sales at Samsung Electronics


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