Zimperium & SOTI

Mobile Threat Defense with SOTI

Zimperium and SOTI combine into a comprehensive enterprise mobile security solution that provides sophisticated threat protection for mobile devices against known and unknown attacks, including zero-day threats. The combination of Zimperium and SOTI enables enterprises to manage and secure mobile devices against device, network, phishing, and app threats

Zimperium operates directly on protected devices to detect and analyze threats, providing SOTI MobiControl the necessary intelligence to enact risk-based policies to protect mobile devices from compromising the corporate network and its assets, while safely enabling BYOD and empowering mobile employees with the productivity tools they need.

SOTI and Zimperium Benefits

Deploy Seamlessly

You’ll experience seamless deployment and management of Zimperium’s threat defense solution via SOTI app deployment capabilities.

Protect On-device in Real-Time

Have peace of mind through real-time, on-device mobile threat protection along with configurable end-user notifications and alerts, defined by SOTI’s customized threat threshold for assessing device risk posture.

Confidently Manage Mobile Risk

Set rules based on risk level or compliance regulations that automatically regulate users’ and devices’ access to services. When Zimperium reports a threat, SOTI ensures that the device doesn’t become a security threat via various actions including terminating access to corporate networks of remotely wiping locally resident corporate data.

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