COONTEC | Key Partner for MAPS in Korea

COONTEC provides security solutions and consulting to respond to evolving cybersecurity threats to completely prevent malicious attacks from occurring.

COONTEC’s security solutions, consulting, training, and other security services can be applied to virtualization for embedded software development and validation, multi-platform binary verification, ICS/OT security monitoring, open-source integration management, cyber-deception-based APT response, encryption key and application security, malware collection and analytics.

COONTEC also builds a portfolio of data science across data collection, processing, machine learning, analysis, and sharing based on an AI-based integrated management platform and an all-in-one data survey platform for systematic data analysis and utilization.

We have a long-standing partnership in Korea with COONTEC. We chose to partner with COONTEC because of their experienced technical resources and their stellar reputation as one of the leading integrators in Korea. To learn more about this partner, visit

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