Quadrant Knowledge Solutions Names Zimperium The Leader in In-App Protection

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Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, a global advisory and consulting firm, recently published its “SPARK Matrix: In-App Protection, 2022” report and ​​named Zimperium as the 2022 technology leader. The report offers a look at the way the in-app protection segment has evolved, outlining some of the key market drivers and technology trends. In addition, it provides an extensive examination of the competitive landscape, detailing the vendors and offerings in the space, and ultimately ranking them in the form of SPARK MatrixTM.

The report’s authors used a range of evaluation criteria, which are categorized into two key areas: technology excellence and customer impact. The technology excellence category includes such factors as sophistication, competitive differentiation, application diversity, and scalability. On the customer impact side, key categories include market presence, proven record, and customer service excellence.

We’re very pleased to report that Zimperium came out on top in this report. It is particularly gratifying to see our solutions get this validation and rate so highly in both technology excellence and customer impact.

With its comprehensive functional capabilities, compelling technology differentiation, and robust customer value proposition, Zimperium is well-positioned to maintain and grow its market share amongst mid-market to large enterprise segments. – Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

Ayush Patidar, an analyst at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, said, “Zimperium Mobile Application Protection Suite (MAPS) offers a holistic approach to protect mobile applications on various mobile devices, enabling real-time threat visibility as well as the capacity to respond to emerging threats and attacks.”

Patidar continued, “Zimperium’s end-to-end application protection offers app scanning, app shielding, runtime protection, and the protection of sensitive cryptographic keys through one platform. The company, with its continued focus to develop broader and deeper attack coverage, comprehensive functional capabilities, compelling customer references, and user-specific customized solutions, has received strong ratings across the parameters of technology excellence and customer impact.”

The COVID-19 pandemic-induced disrupted business scenarios, growth in remote working, and increased risk arising out of factors such as an unprecedented rise in unsecured BYOD, WYOD, and IoT devices across enterprises, and the pressure to comply with ever-stringent and the growing complexities of the global regulatory environment, including data privacy norms is driving significant investment in In-App Protection solutions. – Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

To contend with the increased vulnerabilities of mobile apps, and the escalating threats of cyber attacks, teams need to employ advanced mobile app protection. This recent report from Quadrant Knowledge Solutions offers a compelling illustration of why so many security teams are turning to Zimperium and its MAPS solutions. Click here to download the “SPARK Matrix: In-App Protection, 2022” report and learn more.

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Zimperium, Inc. is a global leader in mobile device and app security. The Zimperium Mobile Application Protection Suite (MAPS) helps enterprises build safe and secure mobile apps resistant to attacks. It is the only unified platform that combines comprehensive in-app protection with centralized threat visibility. The platform provides app shielding, key protection, app scanning, and runtime protection capabilities. For more information or to schedule a demo, contact us today.

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