Zimperium to Absorb Trustonic Application Protection (TAP) Business to Further Enhance Their Suite of Mobile Application Protection Solutions

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As the result of a long, successful collaboration in which Zimperium provided all software-based security capabilities for Trustonic Application Protection (TAP), the two companies have agreed to have Zimperium absorb the Trustonic TAP solution and service.

Trustonic is a leading provider of Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) OS software for embedded devices, including mobile phones. Based on its Kinibi TEE solution, Trustonic also offers an application protection solution known as Trusted Application Protection (TAP). TAP was designed to enable mobile application developers the ability to create secure mobile apps and deploy them to any Android or iOS handset regardless of the availability of hardware support. Depending on the presence of a supported TEE on the handset, the app would be installed within the TEE or otherwise be secured with advanced software protection mechanisms.

While Trustonic developed the TAP solution to create a simple way to build secure applications across all mobile platforms, developers have increasingly been turning to Zimperium in tandem because it is the only company to offer a comprehensive solution that protects mobile applications and their data from risks. With Zimperium’s Mobile Application Protection Suite (MAPS), mobile apps are protected throughout the entire lifecycle, including during development, at rest and at runtime, in the app marketplaces, and on end-user devices.

Zimperium was recognized as the top-ranked technology leader in Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ detailed analysis of the global In-App Protection market. To further enhance their solutions, Zimperium will absorb the Trustonic application protection technology and support existing customers who have implemented TAP. By transitioning the TAP business to Zimperium, both companies will be able to focus on their respective strengths and core markets and on delivering best-in-class customer experiences.

Mobile application developers and TAP users can now utilize Zimperium’s software-only security solutions for best-in-class mobile application security testing, application protection, cryptographic key protection, data security, device attestation, and monitoring.

A few additional benefits include:

  • Zimperium zShield: Protects application code from being inspected and tampered with and ensures application integrity at runtime.
  • Zimperium zKeyBox: Offers Secure PIN and world-leading white-box cryptography to secure data at rest and data in transit; ideal for mobile banking and payment apps, SoftPOS, and PCI MPoC solutions.
  • Zimperium zDefend: Provides secure device attestation and monitoring, as well as a myriad of mobile risk assessments across OS, network and malware, and granular risk attestation and visibility.

Zimperium MAPS supports mobile, desktop, embedded, and cloud workloads. The suite of solutions is widely used today to protect a variety of applications, including:

  • Financial Apps (Banking, Payment, MPoC, SoftPOS, etc.)
  • DRM, OTT, Video Streaming
  • Gaming on Consoles and Mobile
  • Identity and Biometric Apps
  • Medical Device Apps
  • Automotive Apps
  • And more!

This announcement exemplifies Zimperium’s commitment to providing mobile application developers and global security professionals with the most comprehensive suite of mobile application protection solutions. To learn more details about this announcement or to schedule a demo of our MAPS solutions, please contact us today. For further information on Trustonic TEE, please refer to www.trustonic.com.

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