Zimperium customers are safe from Samsung Keyboard Security Risk

A potential security risk has been discovered on a large number of Android Smartphones as discovered by Nowsecure. Some of the latest devices, such as Samsung Galaxy S6, and Galaxy S5, come pre-loaded with a third-party keyboard app, SwiftKey, which fetches an update over unsecure and invalidated channel. This allows the […]

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What Verizon Missed in the Latest Threat Report

By: Zuk Avraham, Joshua Drake, Yaniv Karta, Jimmy Shah (To download the detailed report, click here) Recently, Verizon published a report that says that malware on mobile is not an issue. We strongly suggest Verizon and other enterprises not underestimate the scale of one percent. The sheer number of mobile […]

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Cutting Through The Weekly Mobile Security Noise: Data Breach Recap

“We have known for a long time that there are significant vulnerabilities,” Obama said during a press conference in Germany. “And these vulnerabilities are going to accelerate for a long time.” The President commented on the chaos we’ve seen over the past few weeks, where a number of large scale […]

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Cutting through the Weekly Mobile Security Noise: Evaluating Threats

Recent headlines reinforce the reality that mobile threats against personal and corporate devices  are continuing to evolve. According to a recent study from BT, mobile breaches affected 68% of global organizations in the last 12 months. This week we’ve been monitoring conversations around hackers draining personal bank accounts via the […]

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Cutting Through The Weekly Mobile Security Noise: Finding the Balance

The continuous evolution of mobile malware, malicious apps and targeted threats ensures mobile security will remain a pressing issue for enterprises. As companies beef up their security measures it is critical that they strike a balance between enabling productivity and securing connected devices. This week we’ve been monitoring conversations around […]

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Cutting Through The Weekly Mobile Security Noise: Lesson Learned

This week we’ve learned that sometimes even the most sophisticated cyber-attacks are executed with surprisingly simple techniques. Recent headlines serve as a healthy reminder of the importance of implementing best practices to help prepare, educate and protect your business from becoming the next data breach victim. This week we’ve been […]

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