The Rise of zANTI3 – Call for Developers (OSS)

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By Zuk

About 5 years ago, when smartphone usage exploded, Zimperium built zANTI as an easy to use mobile pentesting tool. As zANTI proved successful in exposing a wide range of vulnerabilities, our customers requested that we develop a way to protect their employees against these risks and the rest is history. In 2011, we released our mobile IPS solution zIPS, which detects attacks in user-space with an unparalleled protection capability that surprised top researchers, enterprises, and as a result attracted investments from major VCs.

Last year, we released zANTI2 completely free of charge. Now, with your help, we will take it even further.

Ever since, we stuck to the fundamentals of our community and have continuously evolved zANTI. It is no longer a business proposition for us, but a moral proposition.

We have decided to open-source the development of the upcoming major version of zANTI, version 3,0, and collaborate with the massive infosec community of zANTI and take zANTI3 to the next level.

zANTI3, Mobile Pentesting, Mobile Security, Enterprise Mobile Risk Assessment

Our vision with an open-sourced zANTI3 is to formulate a major leap in the mobile pentesting evolution. We look at the fast-approaching IOT era and the sea of vulnerabilities it creates. zANTI 3.0 would be our response to ease pentesting and demonstrate weaknesses in the increasingly connected world.

With zANTI and zIPS Zimperium has always been ahead of the industry in addressing mobile security challenges. zANTI3’s evolution is just one of the ways we stand by our promise.

We invite the best developers from around the globe to join us to make a big impact in the security world. You will help combine the best of zANTI2 andd Sploit, and incorporate new ideas to take zANTI3 to the next level. Together we can build an incredible piece of software that simply pwns, at the push of a button of course!

Participation in the project is voluntary. Accepted developers and hackers will get a chance to visit Zimperium’s San Francisco headquarters.  To apply as an early open-source developer, get early access to zANTI3 and be part of the next big thing in mobile pentesting, fill in this form.

To apply as zANTI3 beta tester, test the new features and help us to take zANTI3 to the next level, fill this form.

Stay updated with the latest on #zANTI3, follow @ANTIProject@ZIMPERIUM or Zuk (@ihackbanme).

zParty4P.S: If you are in Vegas for the yearly Blackhat and DEFCON 23, don’t forget to RSVP to our zMansion party on August 6th.

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