Cutting Through The Weekly Mobile Security Noise: Lesson Learned

This week we’ve learned that sometimes even the most sophisticated cyber-attacks are executed with surprisingly simple techniques. Recent headlines serve as a healthy reminder of the importance of implementing best practices to help prepare, educate and protect your business from becoming the next data breach victim. This week we’ve been […]

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BYOD Changes the Game – Are You Ready to Play?

It seems that with each major developer event covered by the media, a new device enters the work place. From the Apple Watch to wearables, tablets and smartphones, bring your own device (BYOD) is no longer something to try to plan for in the future, but something companies have to […]

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Cutting through the Weekly Mobile Security Noise: Battling Breaches & Threats

As the battle against cyber security and online threats continues, we’ve been monitoring conversations around how security trends impact organizations and policy makers across our nation. This week’s events demonstrate the importance of the topic of cyber security, not just for organizations and individuals, but for government authorities as well. […]

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Zimperium Raises $12M in Series B Funding Led by Telstra

We are excited to announce that Zimperium raised $12M in Series B Funding. This is a major milestone for Zimperium and is a testament to the quality of the Z-Team, the products we develop and the customers we have in place successfully using Zimperium’s Mobile Threat Defense. 2014 was a […]

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