zIPS Identifies Dangerous Wi-Fi Networks with Danger Zone

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Zimperium added a couple of new features and screens to zIPS today based on customer demand. Our users understand the threat that mobile devices introduce into enterprises and have used zIPS to monitor for threats on Wi-Fi, apps and OS exploits, but some asked to peek under the screens a little more to understand how zIPS works.

To give users a view into how our Mobile Threat Defense app, zIPS, detects threats using z9, we placed two new features into the app UI:  Danger Zone™ and Activity Monitor™. The new features provide mobile device users with valuable risk information related to the Wi-Fi networks around a device, as well as comprehensive threat data on the devices, networks and applications.

  • Danger Zone™ provides users with information on nearby Wi-Fi networks and their potential risk
  • Activity Monitor™ feature provides real-time information about activity on their device

Danger Zone gives users real-time information on nearby Wi-Fi networks and their potential risk via an easy to understand map view. Users can determine which networks they should avoid to reduce the risk of their data from being stolen or their device compromised. If a user does connect to a potential high-risk network, the user will receive an alert and a recommendation to disconnect from the current network. If a subsequent network attack is detected, the threat detection information and risk profile is then provided to other Zimperium users advising of a new Wi-Fi risk. 

Activity Monitor offers real-time information to users to track scans and security checks performed on their devices, the networks they attach to and the applications on the device.

These new features can prevent a hacker from having an opportunity to weaponize a device as users become more diligent with respect to this most-attacked surface, Wi-Fi networks.    

Drop by the Zimperium expo booth at the RSA Conference 2017 in San Francisco, February 13-17th,  #N4710 to see these new features or go get zIPS installed on your device. Not there? Request a trial and we’ll install remotely so you can protect your organization from weaponized mobile devices.

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Author: Scott King
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