Zimperium is the Only Pure-Play Mobile Threat Defense Provider Recognized in New GigaOm Anti-Phishing Radar Report

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When it comes to phishing, there’s bad news and worse news, but also some good news.

The bad news? Email-based phishing remains a persistent, pervasive problem. According to one report, 83% of organizations experienced an email-based phishing attack that successfully tricked a user into taking a risky action, such as clicking a malicious link, downloading malware, submitting credentials, and even initiating a wire transfer.1

The worse news? The problem now extends way past email. According to Verizon, 18% of clicked phishing emails come from a mobile device.2  To evade defenses or make their phishing messages more credible, attackers may now employ multiple channels to wage a single attack. For example, the cloud communications company Twilio recently disclosed a data breach after their employees were targeted through an SMS spear phishing attack. “​The SMS phishing messages baited Twilio’s employees into clicking the embedded links by warning them that their passwords had expired or were scheduled to be changed.”3

Ready for the good news? An analyst firm has recently released a new report that offers enterprise security decision makers an insightful look at the solutions available for countering these pernicious attacks. The new “GigaOm Radar Report for Comprehensive Anti-Phishing Solutions” examines top vendors and offerings in the market.

Zimperium Featured as a Fast Mover for Anti-Phishing by GigaOm

We’re pleased to announce that GigaOm cited Zimperium as a fast mover in this report. Plus, for the second straight year, we were the only pure-play mobile threat defense (MTD) vendor covered in the report. The report’s authors write, “Zimperium provides a strong mobile endpoint detection and response solution and is positioned just outside the Leaders circle; we expect to see it become a Leader in time.”

In addition, the authors explain, “Zimperium’s MTD focus allows it to provide extensive protection across an enterprise’s mobile device estate. While not specifically targeted at phishing, its ability to protect a mobile device from any threat means it achieves the same end. Its integration with a broad range of existing enterprise tools from MDM to SOAR and SIEM ensures it can do this, helps improve and protect current investments, and fits well into existing enterprise security processes.”

Zimperium Solves Mobile’s Unique Challenges

In most enterprises, mobile devices do not have the same protections as traditional endpoints like laptops. This makes it far more difficult for enterprise security teams to detect active threats, especially in a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) scenario. Further, with smaller screens, and less space to identify troublesome URLs, users on mobile devices are inherently more susceptible to phishing tactics. That’s why phishing detection and prevention is particularly critical for mobile devices—and it’s a big reason enterprises currently invest in MTD solutions.

GigaOm recognized Zimperium because our solution, Zimperium zIPS, protects users against mobile phishing attacks. On iOS, Android, and Chromebook devices, zIPS provides on-device protection against device, network, malicious app, and phishing attacks.

At the core of Zimperium’s solutions is z9, the patented machine learning engine that can identify phishing attempts with 99.99% accuracy. z9 works independently of where the attack is coming from. This means Zimperium’s users are protected, regardless of whether an attacker uses email, SMS, or in-app messaging. Further, devices remain secure even in the event of user misbehavior, such as clicking on a phishing link while browsing.

About the GigaOm Radar Report

As the authors explain, “This GigaOm Radar report highlights leading comprehensive anti-phishing vendors and equips IT decision-makers with the information needed to select the best fit for their business and use case requirements.”

Unlike other analyst graphs in which vendors strive to be placed in the upper right quadrant, for the GigaOm Radar, leaders are those closest to the center of the diagram. The centermost circle is almost always empty, reserved for highly mature and consolidated markets that lack space for further innovation.

To learn more, download the “GigaOm Radar for Comprehensive Anti-Phishing Solutions report.”

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