GigaOm Names Zimperium as a Leader in Anti-Phishing

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GigaOm Names Zimperium as a Leader in Anti-Phishing

For Second Consecutive Year, Only MTD Solution Rated in GigaOm’s Comprehensive Phishing Prevention and Detection Radar Report

Zimperium ranks as an outperforming leader in GigaOm’s 2020 Radar for Phishing Prevention and Detection. According to the GigaOm Radar, Zimperium – the only major mobile threat defense (MTD) solution to be a part of the report – “is the leader in this space.” This is the second consecutive year Zimperium has been the sole MTD provider in GigOm’s coverage of anti-phishing market leaders.

Referring to Zimperium, GigaOm states, “Its holistic approach to detection of phishing attacks targeted at users’ mobile devices allows it to block phishing attacks that use text, social media, and personal and corporate email as vectors. It can do this while ensuring user privacy.”

The Radar for Phishing Detection 

According to the report, the “GigaOm Radar offers a forward-looking assessment, plotting the current and projected position of each solution over a 12- to 18-month window. Arrows indicate travel based on strategy and pace of innovation, with vendors designated as Forward Movers, Fast Movers, or Outperformers based on their rate of progression.”

Unlike other graphs where vendors strive to be placed in the upper right quadrant, for the GigaOm Radar, leaders are those closest to the center of the diagram. The centermost circle is almost always empty, reserved for highly mature and consolidated markets that lack space for further innovation. We are not only very proud to be an overall leader in the battle against phishing, but also that we are overperforming in our innovation and value delivery to our customers.

Zimperium Solves Mobile’s Unique Challenges

With smaller screens, and less space to identify troublesome URLs, phishing detection and prevention is particularly important for mobile. Unlike desktops and laptops where security teams can install proxy services and route all traffic through gateways, such approaches do not translate well to mobile. And while in-line detection in corporate email systems also benefits users reading their mobile devices, the solutions cannot account for other communications approaches like SMS and messaging apps. 

For example, you can phish through SMS text messaging on a mobile device, but not on a desktop. What’s more, traditional endpoint security tools have zero visibility into attacks leveraging non corporate controlled applications like WhatsApp, Wechat, and other personal messaging apps. Attackers know this, and are increasingly targeting the corporate persona of a user using their personal communication channels. 

GigaOm is recognizing Zimperium because of our solution that protects users against mobile phishing attacks, Zimperium zIPS. On iOS, Android and Chromebook devices, zIPS provides machine learning-based, on-device protection against device, network, malicious apps and phishing attacks. 

At the core of Zimperium’s solutions is z9, the patented machine learning engine that runs completely on device, immediately identifying phishing attempts with 99.99% accuracy. We are also protecting the user without sending any data to the cloud.

 z9 works independently of where the attack is coming from. This means, Zimperium’s users are protected regardless of the delivery method used by an attacker (SMS, email) or even user misbehavior (a user clicking on a phishing link while browsing).

To download the GigaOm 2020 Radar for Phishing Prevention and Detection, click here.  

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