Zimperium Partners with SmarTone to Offer ST Protect Service

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We’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with SmarTone, a leading wireless communications carrier based in Hong Kong. SmarTone is working with Zimperium to give their customers world-class mobile protection with ST Protect anti-cyberattack software. Delivered via a single app service, Android and iPhone users alike are safeguarded against Wi-Fi attacks, malicious apps, malware, and even unknown zero-day attacks.


Mobile devices are the new frontier for cyber criminals and unsuspecting and inadequately protected users have become sitting ducks for malicious attacks. As more users store sensitive health and financial information on their mobile devices, habits like connecting to public Wi-Fi networks have become even more dangerous.

That’s why we’re committed to giving our customers and their users the highest level of protection against the broadest array of device, network and application based mobile attacks, in real-time.

With an on-device, machine-learning behavioral detection engine, Zimperium continuously detects anomalies produced by both known and unknown attacks. Once a threat is detected, ST Protect provides alerts and next steps for users to take immediate actions to combat an attack. For example, if an attack via Wi-Fi is detected, ST Protect will advise users to disconnect their device from the unsafe network. Similarly, ST Protect uses this patented machine learning technology to detect abnormal app activities, and advises the users to delete the app before their device is exploited or information is stolen.

ST Protect is available starting today, but our teams kicked off the partnership last week with an event in Hong Kong. Here’s our chairman, founder and CTO Zuk Avraham with SmarTone’s Interim CEO, Stephen Chau.

For details, please visit www.smartone.com/STProtect/en



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