How 2014 is going to be Z-Year

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ZIMPERIUM recently announced a Series A fund-raising round of $8 Million.

This will allow us to support all organizations demanding a change in current mobile security offerings; they are seeking advanced, next-generation security protection comparable to what you would expect in today’s sophisticated enterprise networks, but a solution which protects them everywhere the device goes.

So… What can you expect from us in 2014?

Since day 1 of ZIMPERIUM we have been committed to changing the world of mobile security through advanced research and innovation. We have never been satisfied with the levels of protection available in the market and are here to set new standards of safety offered to our customers and community. In early 2014 – you will see our vision put into action with the release of ZIMPERIUM Mobile Defense Suite. This is the same suite of products that we have been working on for the last 2-3 years.

  1. zIPS – World’s first Mobile IPS. You deserve better protection on your smart device

  2. zANTI – This is a tool built for the ultimate pen testing experience. Instant audits for different vulnerabilities, new payloads, new network redirection techniques, automated tasks, and advanced network assessment menu. Oh, it’s also much easier to use.

  3. zCONSOLE – World’s first Mobile Unified Threat Management console – Now you can see where you are being attacked and how, receiving advanced forensics info such as who the attacker is and what the attacker attempted to do. zCONSOLE will show you advanced reporting from zIPS and zANTI.

We’re working overtime in our research labs on awesome projects for 2014 to continue innovating to outpace attackers. With the upcoming announcements and product releases you’re simply going to sit back and enjoy. Like you would expect from your favorite security vendor, ZIMPERIUM is here to prove to you and the market we are raising the bar on how to protect mobile devices.

If you are concerned about your corporate network and mobile device safety – secure your assets and sign up to be part of our Mobile Security System


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