Webinar: Protecting Mobile Shopping Apps From… Consumers’ Phones!

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Webinar discusses best practices for protecting retailers’ mobile apps from hackers.

Zimperium is providing customers, media and the general public with a live webinar in which they will learn about how retailers can protect their customers and organization by securing their mobile apps against threats that stem from consumers’ frequent use of outdated and compromised devices. Zimperium executive Chris Dworkin, GM of in-app security, will lead the session and answer questions.

WHO: Zimperium, a global leader in enterprise mobile threat defense (MTD) and a leading provider of real-time, on-device protection against known and unknown mobile threats.

TITLE:  Protecting Mobile Shopping Apps From… Consumers’ Phones!

WHAT: In this webinar, Zimperium will review the mobile threat landscape of retail apps, including:

  • The ways hackers attack retail apps
  • How you can protect your organization and customers with Zimperium’s zIAP
  • A real-world example of what one customer experienced in the first 30 days after deploying protection in their mobile app (Hint: Hundreds of thousands of threats)

WHY: According to Criteo’s Q4 2017 commerce report, retailers that have both mobile sites and apps are seeing about two-thirds of their online sales coming from mobile devices. Furthermore, conversion rates on mobile apps are roughly three times greater than on the mobile web. With so much revenue being driven through mobile apps, it’s paramount that those mobile apps are secure.

WHEN: On-Demand

WHERE: Watch Now

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