Webinar: The State of Mobile Device Security in Government

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Webinar to highlight emerging mobile cybersecurity threats facing state and local governments, and what these entities can do to better protect mobile data.

Zimperium is hosting a webinar for customers, media and the general public. Karen Jackson, Former Secretary of Technology for the Commonwealth of Virginia, along with Chul Yim, Director of State and Local Governments for Zimperium, will present the webinar, sharing their unique perspectives on the mobile security threats government entities combat daily

WHO: Zimperium, a global leader in enterprise mobile threat defense (MTD) and a leading provider of real-time, on-device protection against known and unknown threats.

Karen Jackson, who will participate in the webinar, was most recently the Secretary of Technology for the Commonwealth of Virginia where she was responsible for policy and legislative initiatives as well as developing programs to facilitate innovation, entrepreneurship, technology development and adoption. Karen understands the cybersecurity space, particularly for the local and state governments, very well.

TITLE: Addressing the Emerging Mobile Cybersecurity Threats Facing State and Local Governments

WHAT: This webinar will share how protecting government systems is a significant challenge for security teams, using statistics from Cisco’s “2018 Annual Cybersecurity Report: Impacts on Government” that shows mobile devices, data in the public cloud and user behavior as key challenges facing government data security. The webinar will specifically discuss:

  • Why the government sector is seeing increasingly more cyberattacks, as its technology is easier to hack than the private sector’s, mainly through hosing host highly valuable data with limited ability to manage system down time
  • How Zimperium detects known and unknown mobile threats through machine learning-based detection, on-device vs. cloud-based detection and privacy controls

WHY: As all forms of government agencies rely on mobile technology to be connected, the number and cost of cyber attacks on the public sector is growing rapidly. Accenture’s 2017 “Cost of Cyber Crime Study” shows the average cost of a successful public sector cyber breach in 2017 increased by $1.43 million over the previous year to a whopping $8.2 million. Many experts believe this growth is exasperated by the public sector’s technology being easier to access and hack. This further shows why state and local governments need advanced technology to detect and stop mobile cyberattacks.

WHEN: On-Demand

WHERE: View the Recording

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