Our Most Vulnerable Devices Are in Our Pockets

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The smartphone continuously revolutionizes the way we work, stay connected and informed. Smartphone users now spend nearly 3 hours per day on their devices to send and download sensitive data and communicate with the office. However, the simplicity, ease and default behavior also makes mobile devices susceptible to tampering and hacking.

Mobile devices do have built-in security features but they unable to detect and warn you when they are actively being attacked or hacked by an outsider. Sixty-four percent of Americans have been hacked in some way and chances are they surrendered their priceless data via their unsecured mobile devices. A recent survey amongst security professionals states most ( 64% ) doubt their organizations can prevent cyber attacks from employees’ mobile devices. With the number of vulnerabilities in mobile operating systems increasing and the cost of mobile breaches reaching up to $1,000,000, it’s time we secure the device we spend the most time on.

Discover why your most vulnerable device is in your pocket.

Our Most Vulnerable Devices Are in Our Pockets

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Author: Scott King
Scott King is an expert B2B technology marketer and advises enterprises and software companies on the latest technology advancements and why they matter. You can contact Scott @thescottking, LinkedIn, or thescottking.com.

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