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The Mobile Watering Hole: How A Sip Leads to A Trojan Compromise

“Watering Hole” is a cyber attack strategy in which the victim is a particular group (organization, industry, or region). In this attack, the attacker typically observes which websites or applications the group often uses and infects one or more of them with malware. Eventually, some members of the targeted group […]

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The New zANTI: Mobile Penetration & Security Analysis Toolkit

zANTI is an easy to use penetration testing and a security analysis toolkit. With zANTI you can simulate real-world, commonly-used malicious cyberattack techniques. Using zANTI, you will quickly discover unsafe elements in your networks, and in your devices that are connected to those networks. Using zANTI, you will understand unsafe conditions on your devices in three […]

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Clicking Bot Applications

Cyber crime, like any crime, has its motives; each malware has its own malicious profit. Spyware spies on you. Ransomware demands a ransom to decrypt your private digital data. Phishing Malware phishes for your username, password or account numbers. Installation-fraud achieves fake software installations. Ad fraud fraudulently represents online advertisement […]

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