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The Growing Risks of On-Device Fraud

The picture is painfully clear . . . organizations are not seeing a slowdown in financial fraud targeting  mobile devices. Mastercard recently shared that their data shows a trend of $41billion in fraud-related loss in 2022, growing to $48billion by 2023.  JuniperResearch puts the number at $91billion by 2028 and […]

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Predator Spyware Strikes Again

On September 22nd, Citizen Lab, in collaboration with Google Project Zero, released a joint report revealing that Ahmen Eltantawy, a former Egyptian member of parliament, was targeted using highly sophisticated spyware. The recent payload obtained and analyzed by Citizen Lab matches the findings reported in a previous report, confirming that […]

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Kimsuky: Infamous Threat Actor Churns Out More Advanced Malware

The Hacker News recently published a story that discussed a joint communication among the German intelligence apparatus, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), and South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS), warning readers about new tactics used by a North Korean threat actor called Kimsuky. Learn more about Kimsuky and how Zimperium Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) customers are protected against these threats.

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A Look Back: The Unseen Mobile Threats at Security Conferences

Whether it’s on the trade show floor, at the conference center, hotel or local restaurant, mobile device usage is particularly high, with attendees, and oftentimes devices, constantly trying to connect to the different networks. Ironically, that includes industry events whose primary purpose is to share knowledge on, and bolster, security […]

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Malicious WiFi Connections: Welcome to RSA Conference 2019

Nicolás Chiaraviglio (@chiconara) We recently blogged about attacks perpetrated at WiFi networks in Barcelona before and during the 2019 Mobile World Congress (MWC). We found an astonishing amount: estimating more than 7,000 threats in less than four days. Furthermore, 25 percent of those threats were detected in hotels, and of those, 70 percent […]

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The Other MWC, Revisited

Nicolás Chiaraviglio (@chiconara) (This post is a follow up of an earlier blog post) Last week, we released a blog warning about how hackers leverage massive events like the Mobile World Congress (MWC) to attack high profile corporates to steal company data. We showed the network attacks we detected last year in Barcelona, […]

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Malicious WiFi Connections: The Other MWC

Nicolás Chiaraviglio (@chiconara) The GSMA Mobile World Congress, taking place every year in Barcelona, is undoubtedly the most important event for the mobile industry – with an average attendance of more than 100k people each year. Every important company is represented, with salespeople and high ranking executives taking the chance to […]

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ZPI: One approach to rule them all

In 1975, a book was published that changed the way we approach complex problems. Inspired on how nature works “Adaptation in Natural and Artificial Systems” set the bases of genetic algorithms. The release date of this blogpost is strongly linked to that book, it is a symbolic tribute to its […]

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