The Zimperium Splunk App: Yet Another Industry First!

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As the mobile threat defense (MTD) leader, Zimperium has a long history of innovations designed to help enterprises combat mobile threats with the least amount of organizational friction. Zimperium was the first to bring on-device, machine learning-powered detection capabilities to mobile–and the only one to detect unknown malware on-device without an update. We were the first to embed our protection in EMM/UEM agents and support multiple EMM integrations simultaneously. We are the only major provider that is completely cloud agnostic so regardless of the cloud you use, we support it and don’t force you to adapt to our technology. We are the only ones that have embedded our protection in mobile apps used by tens of millions of people. And the list goes on.

Today, Zimperium announces another enterprise-focused innovation: The Zimperium Splunk App. The Zimperium Splunk App is the first MTD dashboard app in the Splunkbase marketplace.

Zimperium has consistently received the highest marks in the industry for our comprehensive and detailed threat forensic data. For years, the Zimperium Platform has been integrated with leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions including Splunk.

Now that deep forensic data is easily viewable in the Splunk dashboard app. Splunk dashboards combine predefined searches, charts, alerts and reporting views that help users make more sense out of the huge volume of threat data needing analysis.

Zimperium is the world’s first MTD solution that provides comprehensive on-device protection for iOS and Android devices against device, network, phishing and malicious app attacks. The Zimperium Splunk App allows users to view threat data in a convenient way within Splunk. Users can then slice and dice the data within Splunk as they like.

The Zimperium Splunk App presents multiple statistics in graphical and other formats for easy viewing of the current state of mobile threat environment in an organization. As can be seen in Figure 1, the main page consists of many alerts and visuals, including:

  • The number of threats received per hour (segmented by elevated, critical, etc.)  
  • Top five lists (e.g., highest threat Wi-Fi networks, highest threat carriers)
  • Global cluster maps showing geographically where events have occurred
  • Events by country, severity, attack type and mobile platform


Figure 1: The Zimperium Splunk App


We are excited about our first version of the Zimperium Splunk App, and we will continue adding additional capabilities as we gather feedback from real customer use cases.

To learn more about Zimperium Splunk App or the Zimperium MTD Platform, please contact us here.

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