Zimperium solution nominated for ‘Most Disruptive Technology’ by the Telecom Council

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Zimperium’s Mobile Threat Protection solution has been making waves in the industry for its capability to detect and protect mobile devices from advanced threats. Most recently, we showcased how zIPS protects Android devices from Stagefright vulnerability.

Telecom Council, SPIFFYAwardsZimperium has been nominated for the San Andreas Award for ‘Most Disruptive Technology’ 

Telecom Council identified Zimperium’s solution as a game changer in the mobile security space. Zuk Avraham, the Chairman and Founder of Zimperium, says that the company pioneered advanced mobile threat protection with its patented z9 technology, which has ushered in the next wave of enterprise mobile security.


According to Telecom Council President, Liz Kerton:

“Privacy, security, and subscriber protection has been a growing priority for many of our carrier members for several years. These carriers agree that Zimperium stands out from among the dozens of startups and solutions we reviewed at the Council in the past year.”

If you would like to protect your organization from advanced mobile threats, reach out to us.

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