Zimperium Impresses; Named Top Cybersecurity Startup for 2021

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Zimperium Impresses; Named Top Cybersecurity Startup for 2021

“So, get ready to be really impressed,” Max Kurton of EM360 – a global technology platform – exclaimed as he revealed Zimperium as the number one cybersecurity startup of EM360’s Top 5 Cybersecurity Startups for 2021. 

In the article – part of EM360’s Emerge5 series – Max writes, “With new technology comes new adversaries and with new adversaries comes new solutions. From typosquatting to machine learning poisoning, the last decade proved to us that threats can come in any form. The best way to protect yourself is to equip yourself with the latest breakthroughs in the industry from modern cybersecurity startups with modern solutions.” 

Max had the opportunity to interview our CEO, Shridhar Mittal, and asked him about the current state of mobile security, challenges in securing mobile endpoints compared to traditional employee laptops, and what makes Zimperium so unique. 

To watch the full interview:

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What’s the current state of mobile security looking like? 

Shridhar brought up several salient points, including: 

  • Almost every company in the world is encouraging a “Work anytime from anywhere” culture. To be able to put this in action the companies have to provide more access to corporate data to their employees’ mobile devices – whether they are phones or tablets.
  • This is adding a completely new threat vector to the company that they have never experienced before.
  • The challenge is employees are the administrator on these mobile devices – they control when to update the operating system, they download all kinds of apps on their devices, are connecting to public Wi-Fi networks and worst of all – clicking on all kinds of links which could lead to them getting phished.
  • Luckily, CISOs are recognizing the fact that these mobile devices have to be regarded with the same seriousness as traditional endpoints like PCs and Macs.
  • This has led to mobile security becoming a top five initiative for most CISOs and has become a huge growth market for us.
  • This is getting further accelerated as the security world moves towards a zero trust model.

What further challenges does securing mobile endpoints bring in comparison to securing, say, employee laptops?

  • The biggest one is privacy. Most employees use their mobile devices for not just business purposes but also for personal activities like reading news, following sports, social media, messaging with friends and family. They really don’t want their employers to be tracking everything that they are doing on those devices. 
  • Therefore any mobile security solution should be able to secure the devices without violating the employee’s privacy or the company’s privacy policy. 
  • The detections should be done locally on the device without streaming personal information to the cloud for analysis.
  • Now couple that with the fact that these devices impose additional constraints on any security solution – closed operating system, limited computing power, smaller batteries, limited visibility to other apps running on these devices. This is a very hard problem to solve. 
  • You cannot take the same approach that has worked on traditional endpoints and be successful on mobile devices.
  • This is why the US DOD selected the Zimperium solution after an extensive evaluation process.

Zimperium’s offering is already one of a kind, but could you tell us more about what makes this company unique?

  • As you said our product is definitely our biggest differentiator. The fact that we can secure mobile devices from all kinds of attacks and do it without violating privacy is unique in our industry.
  • However, there are two other aspects that I am quite proud of:
  • One – we know that we are just one part of a large security ecosystem in most companies. Our engineering team has done a fantastic job of creating an open solution with out of the box integrations to most industry leading solutions that we touch – MDMs, SIEM, XDR, zero-trust, etc.
  • Second, is our approach towards customer success. We understand that getting value out of a mobile security solution is not just a technical implementation – which could be done in a matter of days. It is a journey to help customers start with basics and then lead them stepwise through a maturity model that culminates in getting a large amount of value at the end of the journey. That is why our adoption rates and retention rates are industry leading.

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