Advanced Threat Insights

Advanced Threat Insights

Many enterprise organizations have invested in mobile security solutions. However, many do not have the threat expertise to analyze mobile forensics and translate them into actionable insights critical to effective risk management policies.

Zimperium's Advanced Threat Insights provides meaningful insights to executives like CISOs, CIOs, and Security Ops teams to effectively protect the enterprise. The offering provides the following benefits:

  • Measurable visibility to the organization's mobile risk posture and trends
  • Gain insights into key focus areas with actionable recommendations from specialists who can augment your capabilities
  • Ready to consume reports for both executives and security operations
  • Review your mobile security posture against global trends

Solution Brief

Operational Insights for Security Teams

In addition to executive reporting, Zimperium's Advanced Threat Insights delivers operational insights for the Security Teams. These insights include:
  • Detailed, in-depth assessment and recommendations.
  • Prepared by our Threat Specialist exclusively for your enterprise
  • Operational guidance and recommendations

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Access to a Threat Specialist

In addition to the executive and operational reports and insights, Zimperium's Advanced Threat Insights allow you to access Zimperium Threat Specialists to help with mobile risk-related questions specific to your organization. The specialists can help answer:
  • Threat trends in your industry
  • Industry information on best practices
  • Access to additional tools and resources your organization may not have

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