Zimperium Acquires Application Security Provider Mi3 Security

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I’m very excited to announce that Zimperium has acquired application analytics company mi3 Security. The full press release can be found here: Zimperium acquires mi3.


We’ve enjoyed great customer success with this solution and intend to further develop the mi3 technology to continue to lead the application security market.

A little background on the application security environment:  There are over 7 million applications available in the public application stores, and mobile application vulnerabilities are increasing at a rate of more than 100% per year.  And considering that many applications are downloaded and brought directly into the work environments of enterprises worldwide, mobile applications are a lucrative attack target.  The addition of the RECON Platform to the Zimperium solution will provide the following benefits:

  • Rapid Automated Application Risk Analysis: Previously the only reliable solution for application analysis was through highly skilled staff performing penetration testing one application at a time. Using big data techniques, Zimperium can provide contextual analysis of application components across the entire application ecosystem, delivering enterprise level risk analysis that has never before been available.
  • Mobile Application In-Development Assessments: Current application risk assessments only deliver analysis assessments on the final GA code. Coupled with Mi3 solutions, Zimperium customers now have the ability to automate assessments on every development build as part of the development lifecycle.  Identifying the risk early results in less expensive and time-consuming updates.
  • Enterprise Application Risk Visibility: The application security platform provides additional forensic intelligence and data visualization not available in other solutions.

We will continue to provide updates as we deliver innovative application security solutions to your most pressing security problems.


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