Webinar: Top 5 Reasons Hackers Want Your Employees’ Mobile Devices

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Webinar discusses how hackers weaponize mobile devices and gain access to corporate data.

Zimperium is providing customers, media and the general public with a live webinar in which they will discuss the top five reasons hackers want access to employees’ mobile devices. Zimperium executive JT Keating, vice president of product strategy, will lead the session and answer questions.

WHO: Zimperium, a global leader in enterprise mobile threat defense (MTD) and a leading provider of real-time, on-device protection against known and unknown mobile threats.

TITLE: Top 5 Reasons Hackers Want Your Employees’ Mobile Devices

WHAT: In this webinar, Zimperium will educate attendees on the top 5 reasons hackers want employees’ smartphones and tablets, including:

  • Ways hackers can compromise mobile devices
  • How hackers weaponize devices and gain access to corporate information and systems
  • The best approach for protecting your company, employees and customers from these mobile threats

WHY: While most organizations realize they need to protect their employees’ mobile devices in order to protect confidential corporate data, some companies try to remain blissfully naive to the vulnerabilities that make mobile devices susceptible to tampering and hacking. Given the ever-growing use of mobile devices and the number of mobile cyberattacks, companies can no longer plead ignorance to these mobile threats.

WHEN: On-Demand

WHERE: Watch Now

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