Top Three Mobile Phishing Lures: #3) SMS & Messaging Apps

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Top Three Mobile Phishing Lures: #3) SMS & Messaging Apps

According to Verizon’s Mobile Security Index 2019, “85% of phishing attacks seen on mobile devices take place outside of email. While many organizations have filtering in place to block email-based attacks, far fewer have similar protection in place for these other routes.” 

Furthermore, the Federal Trade Commission reported 93,000 complaints about unwanted texts in 2018, including “smishing” attempts (phishing via SMS), which was up 30% from the previous year. According to current reports, the number of fraud texts is continuing to increase this year.

We now need to be aware of possible phishing attacks being sent via SMS , Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and pretty much anywhere else where we can receive messages.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn about:

  • How mobile devices making phishing attacks even more effective;
  • Why enterprise anti-phishing solutions cannot combat messaging-based phishing attacks; and 
  • How hackers can leverage a compromised device to access corporate networks, deliver ransomware and spear-phishing other employees.
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Author: Andy Shane

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