Enhancing Mobility Management with Cyber Security

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Cybersecurity Awareness Month





Mobile devices and ubiquitous wireless connectivity have triggered a new lifestyle. We now access information anywhere, anytime as do our adversaries. You should proceed with caution!

The power enabling us to do more, also makes us vulnerable to cyberattacks. We at Zimperium are playing our part in mobile safety and would like to pose these questions to you, your colleagues and your family during Cyber Security Awareness Month:

  • Wi-Fi:  When you connect to public Wi-Fi at a coffee shop or airport, does the idea of someone intercepting your data cross your mind?
  • Links: When you click an unknown link in the mobile browser or message, are you sure it is not a ploy to compromise your device?
  • Apps: When you install a new mobile app, are you aware of the repercussions if this app is a trojan?

You may have succumbed to  one or all of the above scenarios over the last few weeks or even the past day You’ll never know when you’re under attack until it is too late so be aware and understand the risks you are taking. The majority of all cyber attacks are not detected for hundreds of days and mobile attacks are sometimes never detected. It’s best to avoid using an untrusted networks, mobile apps, pdfs, or messages from unknown sources..

Download free resources for in-depth knowledge of mobile cyberthreats.

For enterprises interested in learning more about balancing mobility and security in their organization, attend our upcoming webinar with our partner, AirWatch,  on how to secure your enterprise mobility program from cyber attacks:

‘Enhance Mobility Management with Cyber Protection’


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Author: Scott King
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