Covering Mobile Endpoints in EPP: Zimperium partners with the most Gartner MQ leaders

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Gartner EPP MQ

The 2021 Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP) by Gartner was recently released covering the full spread of strong EPP vendors in the space. As Microsoft and CrowdStrike continue to show dominance as leaders, SentinelOne and Trend Micro are nipping close on their heels. And organizations like Symantec, Cisco, and VMware held strong as visionaries while Blackberry, Check Point, Fortinet, and Bitdefender represent the strongest of the niche players category (in my opinion).

Even though mobile threat defense (MTD) leaders like Zimperium would not be considered for this report, Zimperium is strongly represented through both OEM and security architecture partnerships with organizations in three of the four categories covered by Gartner. And while Gartner’s recognition of this critical security layer does not go into detail over the mobile solution’s effectiveness, the inclusion of the detail in such a substantial report continues to drive home the importance of mobile device security. The analyst firm did recently cover the need for mobile threat defense in-depth with their Gartner 2021 Market Guide for Mobile Threat Defense.

Within the Magic Quadrant (MQ), there is no pattern to those organizations that have adopted MTD into their security offerings, but the numbers speak for themselves. Spread across the full Gartner MQ, BlackBerry, Check Point, Crowdstrike, Cybereason, Fortinet, Microsoft, Panda, Sophos, and Symantec were all recognized by Gartner for their mobile offerings.

On the flip side, only one vendor was cited for the lack of a mobile solution. But this relevant data point provides a brief glimpse into the mindset of Gartner’s analysts as they categorize mobile threat defense as a “common feature.” Gone are the days of passive approaches to corporate-owned and BYOD security, replaced by the need for comprehensive security stacks covering all the endpoints.

Gartner’s position on the adoption and integrations of MTD to support endpoint protection platforms (EPP) is a supporting focus in this year’s report, especially as enterprises need to cover all the endpoints within the infrastructure for their growing distributed workforce.

“EPP solutions may also add mobile threat defense and integration with unified endpoint management to reduce the overall administration burden and allow further consolidation of security operations and IT operations tools.” – Gartner

Not included in the Gartner MQ report but linked to at the end, the Top Security and Risk Management Trends of 2021 focuses heavily on the BYOD environments many enterprises have adopted. This additional report continues to show Gartner’s focus on mobile as a critical area of the EPP, EDR, XDR, and Zero Trust landscape for organizations looking to adapt to modern, distributed workforces.

“All cybersecurity technologies are under pressure to accommodate countless forms of digital transformation, including the use of public cloud computing and reliance on personal mobile devices. Gartner believes a mesh approach is especially useful for cybersecurity. Organizations that want to prepare for a graceful transition to the next decade must reconceptualize their cybersecurity approach to a model that accommodates composability. For many organizations, the cultural issues of “this is not how we do security” will be more challenging than the actual implementation of a service-delivered model.”- Gartner

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