Mobile UTM

zCONSOLE Zimperium

Enjoy a superior view of the mobile
threat landscape

zCONSOLE affords you with an unobstructed view of any potential threats, letting you track all zIPS and zANTI devices in your network in real time without compromising the privacy of end users. With in-built advanced forensics capabilities, it enables you to program a Threat-Response-Matrix (TRM) that protects your organization.

zCONSOLE - Simple and  Intuitive User Experience

Administer a healthy dose of simplicity

zCONSOLE’s simple, web-based interface enables administrators to work more efficiently.

zCONSOLE - Manage a Diverse Fleet of Devices

Discover your weakest links

zCONSOLE automatically monitors trust levels on all zIPS devices to keep you informed of potential vulnerabilities and risks.


Let them talk

zCONSOLE employs non-intrusive packet monitoring, a new technique developed by ZIMPERIUM, to let you keep tabs on all smartphones in your organization without disturbing anyone’s private conversations.

Keep a finger on the organization’s mobile pulse

zCONSOLE collates advanced reports from all zIPS and zANTI devices, providing you with forensic information as well as regular usage analytics at the click of a button.

Keep a finger on the organization’s mobile pulse - zCONSOLE
Non-intrusive real time technology - zCONSOLE

Non-intrusive real time technology

z9 behavioral analysis technology™ detects and prevents network threats in real-time based on industrial grade, patent protected, machine learning techniques.

Flexibility for the modern enterprise

zCONSOLE comes in the form that best fits your environment; you can employ it as a software-as-a-service or as a virtual private cloud.

Adaptable to your environment - zconsole