Enterprise Mobile Threat Management

Manage the health of all iOS and Android devices

A Window into Mobile Risks and Threats

zConsole is an enterprise mobile threat management console that provides security teams with visibility across all mobile devices in the organization to assess enterprise risk, identify security gaps and update policies to improve mobile device and application protection. Comprehensive dashboards and detailed reporting make it easy for Security Administrators to manage risk and monitor incidents on zIPS-protected devices.

real time monitoring


Enable Security Administrators to continuously monitor and manage the health of all mobile devices from a real-time threat dashboard with the ability to trigger automated response.

detailed incidents


Unmatched network, device and malware forensics data lets security administrators view and understand each mobile security incident, including the who, what, where, when and how of an occurrence.

risk-based policy


Define and enact risk-based policies to continuously protect your organization from mobile attacks.

Enterprise Mobile Security Reporting

zConsole is a cloud-based management console that can be accessed from a browser on any device at any time. You get a clear picture of your mobile threat and risk posture across your enterprise.

Enterprise Mobile Security Dashboard

Flexibility for the modern enterprise

zConsole comes in the form that best fits your environment; you can employ it as a software-as-a-service or as a virtual private cloud.

environment flexibility

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